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過去20年におけるCEOの意識変化 未来をどう描くか?

2017年4月、日本分析版を刊行 ― 分断化する社会とデジタル化の進む世界で模索する日本のCEO





PwC Japan グループ代表
木村 浩一郎


右上のSelect filtersから国、地域、業種別のデータを選択できます。

About this tool

This is the interactive data explorer tool for the 20th CEO Survey, launched in January 2017. It shows responses to a selection of the questions we asked 1,379 CEOs, surveyed between September and December 2016.

How to use this tool

  • Step 1: Select a theme and then a survey question to view responses in the chart shown.
  • Step 2: Select up to three filters - geographies (regions and countries) and/or industries - to customise the chart.
  • Step 3: You can share your chart across a range of social media platforms.

Points to help you navigate

  • To select your filters, click on the ”Select filters” icon to activate the drop-down filters overlay. Once you’ve chosen your filters click on “Apply filters” to return to the selected chart or to choose and theme and question.
  • For a number of the questions, there are two chart views (“Main” and “Alternative”). The alternative view allows you to compare results either for all options across multiple geographies and industries or for an individual option across multiple geographies and industries.
  • When you click from one question to another, or from the “Main” view to the “Alternative” view within one question, any filters you have selected will remain. Click “Reset all filters” in the drop-down filters overlay to remove all filters, or click on the cross next to the name of each filter selected along the top bar.
  • Hover over the bars in the chart to see the percentage of respondents for each data point.

Please note

  • Not all figures add up to 100% due to rounding of percentages and exclusion of “neither/nor” and “don’t know” responses.
  • The filters do not allow comparison of one industry in a particular geography e.g. it’s not possible to see what automotive CEOs in Spain said.
  • For the 5th question in the "Growth & competition" theme, in the main view, please note that users will need to use the zoom function to locate smaller-sized countries such as Singapore.
  • This tool is optimised for use on desktop computers, laptops and tablets as well as mobile devices.
  • For the question “Which three countries, excluding the country in which they are based, do CEOs consider most important for their organisation’s overall growth prospects over the next 12 months?”, we show the three most frequently cited countries. If you’re interested in seeing further data for any view of this question, please contact Suzanne Snowden.

If you’re interested in seeing how CEO confidence levels have changed over time (“How confident are CEOs about their company's prospects for revenue growth over the next 12 months?”), take a look at our CEO Pulse confidence checker tool (scroll down the page to find the interactive tool).

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Source: PwC’s 20th CEO Survey. Base: All respondents (1,379).
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