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Is your business prepared for the New Digital Ecosystem Reality?

PwC has identified trends that impact technology companies such as disruptive innovation, social media, device and enterprise convergence, and the explosion and protection of data.

The business transformation driven by technology is impacting all industries in significant ways. Businesses are considering leveraging technology to optimize their IT, transform their business operations, monetize differentiated services and engage their channels and communities. Several trends are impacting what consumers expect and what businesses can do to address the New Digital Ecosystem Reality.

Technology companies will likely be well positioned to thrive in the new digital ecosystem if they develop the right vision and strategies along with a clear blueprint for execution around the following business issues.

Technology’s Pervasive Impact on all Industries

PwC's US Technology Cloud Computing Leader Mike Pearl discusses the changing role of technology and its impact on business.

The Technology industry is impacting all other industries in significant ways, particularly in terms of how it enables the shifting of business models. Companies across industries are considering leveraging technology to optimize their IT, transform their business operations, monetize differentiated services, and engage their channels and communities. Technology companies must understand how their products and services change their customers' value delivery frameworks and mechanisms. Of particular focus are companies in FinTech, HealthcareTech, RetailTech, and CleanTech.


Disruption is driving a lot of technology transactions.

Technology companies should adjust their strategy when approaching large technology deals.

In today’s hunt for growth, M&A can be an efficient strategic path that adds tremendous value when the best opportunities are seized. But it’s not always the surest. Deals are inherently laden with risks and realizing value can be elusive.

Driving Business Impact with Cloud

PwC's Mike Pearl and his colleagues discuss the benefits and challenges associated with Cloud technology.

A cloud computing strategy is about enabling business agility. PwC expects businesses to migrate more and more of their internal technology to cloud computing over time. The model is compelling; cloud computing can improve flexibility, scalability and cost management. Businesses best able to realize the potential will establish a cohesive business strategy as cloud computing can transform your entire organization — people, processes, and systems. If executed well, this journey can pave the way for significant cost savings, optimized business processes, and improved controls for cloud computing users. For technology providers, cloud computing can provide an opportunity for new revenue streams, mission critical service offerings, and superior brand recognition

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Globalization/Emerging Countries

PwC's Global Technology Leader, Raman Chitkara, discusses the emerging markets in technology.

While the shift to globalization and emerging markets has been a long running trend, there continues to be a host of business issues companies deal with. To be successful, technology companies will need to develop products that appeal to a "mobile only" demographic used to using a single device that provides both data and voice, that requires little or no technical support and runs simple and straightforward applications. These markets can be challenging places to do business. It is important to understand and adapt to local rules, regulations and customs. Offering both vast opportunity as well as many challenges, a great deal of their future growth may very well depend on tech companies' ability to adapt offerings and business models to emerging economies. How can mature market Technology companies better prepare for and navigate this shift?

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Security and Privacy

Princy Jain, US Technology Risk Assurance/Security & Privacy Leader, shares PwC's point of view relative to information security and data privacy risks.

Costs and revenue opportunities associated with risk in the technology industry

Information security and data privacy have become urgent and vital issues for companies, fueled by the proliferation of personal data being handled by organizations combined with the emergence of new technologies and business practices such as mobile and cloud computing. Issues around consumer trust and brand reputation have become a top concern being discussed in boardrooms. Additionally, media attention and regulatory enforcement activity related to company’s security and privacy practices and missteps continues to increase, furthering the need for companies to have comprehensive information security and privacy programs.

Achieving Organization Agility/Talent

PwC's US Technology Industry People & Change Leader, Toni Cusumano, discusses the connected experience and rethinking talent.

Do you have the right team to meet your goals today and tomorrow, and is your business agile enough to face a future full of change? Technology companies are facing organizational and talent related challenges that threaten their ability to survive and succeed in the highly competitive technology industry. 74% of US-based CEOs expect to change talent management strategies in the coming year but 64% point to the availability of key skills as a potential threat to growth. (Source: PwC Annual CEO Survey - key findings in the technology industry 2013). You can develop all sorts of strategies, processes and technologies, but ultimately your business – and the crux of success – is your people.

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