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Health services executives face the complex mission of transforming the patient and member experience while economic forces converge to make 2023 a year of reckoning and restructuring. Many are operating with aging technology, outmoded business models and frayed infrastructure. The new year requires more than a recession-ready strategy; it requires the courage to change.

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Healthcare consulting services and solutions

Healthcare payers and providers are being fundamentally challenged during these times of uncertainty. To succeed, healthcare executives need to:

  • develop stronger relationships with consumers and improve the patient experience

  • rethink traditional business and workforce models

  • continue to invest in technology and automation to help improve financial performance and streamline operations

We help healthcare payers and providers be more agile and resilient to face today’s uncertainties and succeed. We use insights from proprietary research conducted by our Health Research Institute and share best practices from proven methodologies to partner with you strategy through execution.

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Thom Bales

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Laura Robinette

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