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What is Pulse?

Companies are pursuing growth in a constantly changing and volatile business landscape. There’s no go-to playbook for executives. But you’re not alone. Other C-level executives and corporate board members are finding their way, too. Tapping into this collective intelligence can help you anticipate what’s next, see how you measure up and spark new ideas for growth. That’s what PwC’s Pulse Survey program is all about.

We regularly engage functional leaders from finance, marketing, human capital, technology, operations, risk and tax, as well as board members, on the pressing issues of the day. We learn about their outlook on the business environment, their business strategies, the state of the workforce, policy shifts and new technologies.

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Focused on reinvention

Emboldened by their ability to navigate the past three years of challenges and uncertainty, optimistic executives are taking a strategic lens to the years ahead. Despite continued concerns about the macroeconomic environment, our latest Pulse Survey reveals business leaders’ optimism about their ability to mitigate risk as they focus on transformation, balancing cost-cutting efforts with targeted investment.

While business leaders are taking the opportunity to reinvent, change is the only constant, and executives’ agility will continue to be tested. Technology is moving more rapidly than ever, workforce challenges persist and policy remains top of mind as a new election season approaches. Implementing new technology and demonstrating value from those investments is one of the most significant transformation hurdles.

Read our report to find out what business leaders are prioritizing as companies race to keep pace in this time of transition.

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