Responsible AI

The implementation of practices that can preserve value, and engender safety and trust

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing business — but the complexity of modern AI systems means that their risks can be equally complex, multidimensional and incrementally challenging to understand and manage. Avoiding or ignoring the potential of AI technologies is no longer an option for most organizations. Rather, building and executing on a strategy that embraces AI-driven transformation while preserving value and managing risk through Responsible AI principles is the order of the day.

Responsible AI is a set of practices that can enable organizations to unlock AI’s transformative potential while holistically addressing inherent risks. These practices help companies navigate the risks and benefits of AI solutions in a consistent, transparent and accountable manner. Responsible AI encourages collaboration between stakeholders to implement strategies and policies that prioritize and promote effective risk management, responsible practices and AI systems aligned with the organization’s values and objectives.

Trust to the power of Responsible AI

We all know trust is earned, and for AI it’s earned based on proof that complex systems can reliably produce the intended outcomes while reducing the undesirable ones. This requires embedding responsible practices at every step — like responsible design principles as well as, rigorous testing, monitoring and auditing of the solution.

How PwC can help

We help our clients build an AI program permitting companies to assess and address risks, proactively respond to AI requirements, develop and implement sustainable processes, and build trust at all stages of a client's AI journey. These services are delivered by a cross-segment, interdisciplinary working group representing a cross-segment of PwC's areas.

Strategy and planning

Set the foundation for AI governance with a clear mission and vision and focus on Responsible AI principles. Assess the maturity of your current AI governance program and practices.

  •  AI Governance Mission/Vision
  • Responsible AI Principles
  • Maturity Assessment of AI Governance

Governance and risk management

Develop a well-structured AI governance operating model with holistic policies and standard operating procedures. Assess your readiness to comply with current or forthcoming regulations.

  • AI Governance Operating Model
  • Policies and Standard Operating Procedures
  • Regulatory Readiness

AI solution development

Incorporate risk management throughout the development life cycle, including establishing AI solution intake process design, AI development leading practices, AI testing frameworks, independent testing and validation, as well as addressing cybersecurity and privacy aspects of the solution.

  • AI Testing Frameworks
  • Independent Testing and Validation
  • Intake Process Design
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity considerations

Monitoring AI risk

For operational AI systems, implementation of technology-based solutions for governance and testing and monitoring. Assess risks, design controls and provide internal audit AI oversight support.

  • Technology-Based Solutions for Governance, Testing, and Monitoring (e.g. ModelEdge)
  • Risk and Controls Design
  • Internal Audit AI Oversight Support

Transparency and reporting

Prepare and strengthen your regulatory reporting on AI. Understand and prepare for AI audits.

  • Enable Regulatory Reporting on AI
  • Support Organizations in Preparing for AI Audits

Embedding RAI in transformation

Train and upskill your people on Responsible AI and develop a thorough communications strategy around AI governance for the organization, including the board.

  • Training and Upskilling around RAI
  • Internal Comms around AI Governance
  • Supporting Board Conversations on RAI

Responsible AI in Action - Client Zero

At PwC, we are client zero and transforming our own business, at scale, across all of our functions to better understand how to serve our clients. Responsible AI is human-led and tech-powered, and we are taking advantage of the transformational nature of GenAI and putting the technology directly in the hands of our people and our clients. Our goal is to embed AI into our capabilities and tools used across our business to deliver tangible, practical benefits, while using the technology in a responsible way. Interested in learning the benefits? Contact us today.

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