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Helping media companies

Digital transformation is redefining the media industry. Traditional business models are being replaced by customer-driven experiences and the new revenue streams to support them. From the big screen to video games, e-books to e-sports, music streaming to live events, PwC helps organizations capture attention and build value for their businesses by improving processes, uncovering new revenue sources, lowering costs and developing innovative business models. Our experience with the world’s biggest brands provides insight into the industry’s most challenging—and most dynamic—trends and issues.

Focus areas within media

Business model innovation

In an increasingly competitive market, media companies must combine excellent content, breadth and depth of distribution and an increasingly prominent source of competitive advantage: user experience. Changing consumer behavior, from cord cutting to the desire for immersive experiences, is driving new revenue models for the streaming age. PwC teams leverage deep industry knowledge to help media companies interpret trends in consumption, adopt new business models, optimize operations and develop deal strategies to capitalize on emerging technologies and build their brands.

PwC can help you with:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Monetization strategies
  • Product and service innovation
  • Business and operation transformation
  • Partnerships, joint ventures and deals

The disruptive power of data

Media companies can leverage data to predict what consumers want, increase acquisition and retention, identify new product or service opportunities and sources of revenue, develop content and improve operations. PwC’s sophisticated data, analytics and AI capabilities help our clients drive analytics adoption, accelerate value capture and build trust among partners and consumers in data.

PwC can help you with:

  • Business-aligned analytics
  • Data-driven decision making and innovation
  • Governance and operating models
  • Technology enablement

Privacy, piracy and IP protection

Protecting content and customers’ privacy is critical for every media company. With large volumes of data stored in cloud computing platforms, and the rules governing data protection, privacy and piracy evolving differently from region to region around the world, security has become a complex challenge. PwC helps companies think more broadly about security: assessing, designing and improving cybersecurity programs, interpreting and responding to regulations and incorporate cybersecurity and privacy into business decisions and processes.

PwC can help you with:

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Global data privacy regulations
  • Protection Platforms™
  • Cyberattacks

Advertising ecosystem challenges

Media companies, ad agencies and marketers have more ways to bring messages to consumers than ever before. But vast options also create greater complexity. From effective audience measurement to transparency in reporting to the creation of brand safe environments, the path forward is not always clear. As advisors to many of the key players in the ad ecosystem, we have a holistic view of where and how media companies can differentiate to better serve both advertisers and consumers.

PwC can help you with:

  • Ad tech stack optimization
  • Ad sales innovation
  • Accreditation and transparency reporting
  • Ad effectiveness

The evolving sports industry

The game is changing. How fans watch and interact with their favorite teams continues to evolve, creating a variety of new challenges for the sports industry. PwC’s sports specialists serve as trusted advisors, offering clients insights based on years of experience in the industry and providing strategic analysis, valuation and due diligence services to sports leagues, teams, facilities and major event producers. We offer a dedicated and distinctive sports practice with multi-disciplinary subject matter experts who can help turn your challenges into opportunities.

PwC can help you with:

  • Strategy
  • Media rights and splintering distribution
  • In-venue experience
  • Operations, facilities and ticketing
  • Transactions and partnerships

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Key challenges and opportunities

Innovation is core to managing the complex cross-category convergence of TMT. But innovation isn’t possible without a strong foundation of business fundamentals. Here are some ways we help you challenge what’s possible:

Transform to a digital core and drive new business models

Digital innovation is driving growth for TMT brands. New business models and the push to create compelling customer experiences are transforming growth and investment strategies. Whether you’re designing unique customer experiences—with technology and data at the center—to gain a competitive edge or deploying new digital assets to bring efficiencies, we can help you balance stability and agility in a fast-expanding digital ecosystem. 

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Optimize the deal

Harnessing your growth potential means preparing for what comes next, anticipating change and seizing new opportunities with the foresight and insight to manage deal execution and post-merger integration effectively. Success in this era of extraordinary convergence for TMT companies will require strategies both grounded in a strong business foundation and inspired by innovative thinking. We work collaboratively with your teams to identify growth opportunities and unexpected value and to approach and prepare for deal-making with speed and confidence.

Navigate the regulatory environment

Regulatory requirements impact nearly every aspect of your business, from operations to customer relations. TMT companies are at the center of the kinds of complex and evolving regulatory changes that require deep understanding and can demand swift action. Our cross-disciplinary teams integrate risk, regulatory and crisis management to help you earn—and retain—stakeholder confidence and trust.

Manage cybersecurity and privacy risks

Business digitization creates both new opportunities and new vulnerabilities. As larger and larger volumes of data are generated and shared and business ecosystems become increasingly interconnected, protecting information, assets and consumers is more important than ever. PwC incorporates a multi-dimensional approach to help TMT companies take a broader view of cybersecurity and privacy, build risk considerations into business strategy and move quickly to address new challenges.  

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Prepare for a workforce transformation

We are living through a fundamental change in the way we work. Automation, AI and machine learning are changing the skills and experience organizations are looking for in their people, and demographic shifts are creating talent shortages and driving change in workplace cultures. To be prepared for the future, you have to understand it. Our TMT professionals bring deep, industry-specific knowledge and experience to support development of dynamic people strategies for the digital future.

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