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Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month with PwC

October 2023 marks the 20th annual Cybersecurity Awareness Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of cybersecurity and data privacy. In support of this initiative, we encourage you to explore how PwC helps organizations innovate and drive strategic cybersecurity programs.

What the new SEC cybersecurity disclosure rule means to you

With the new SEC cyber disclosure rule, the SEC puts the onus on companies to give investors current, consistent and “decision-useful” information about how they manage cyber risks. Coordination among senior executives across several primary roles is going to be critical. Learn how each executive can address SEC cyber rules here.

Why trustworthy data matters

Join Sean Joyce, PwC's Global Cybersecurity & Privacy Leader, and Kabir Barday, Founder, CEO and Chairman of OneTrust, as they discuss why companies must be good stewards of safeguarding data in Why Trustworthy Data Matters to your Business and Brand, part of PwC’s Trust in Action webcast series.

Talking cyber on TheCUBE at Google Next

Sean Joyce, Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Leader and US Cyber, Risk and Regulatory Leader at PwC, joins theCUBE hosts Lisa Martin and Rob Strechay from the event floor at Google Cloud Next 2023, discussing current topics in cybersecurity.

Collaboration across the C-suite with intelligent risk management solutions

CISOs and cyber teams have risen to the challenge of mitigating cyber risk — but ongoing human-led, tech-powered efforts are still needed. This guide helps C-level executives broadcast the commitment to proactive strategy and back it up with investment in relevant technologies and resources.

US cybersecurity strategy: 3 shifts to watch

The strategy looks to hold software companies liable for cybersecurity failures, proposes regulations to protect critical infrastructure and advances a “defend-forward” approach coupled with law enforcement actions to disrupt malicious actors. Learn more here.

Stricter cyber requirements ahead

Proposed revisions by the New York State Department of Financial Services to its Part 500 cybersecurity requirements would shore up cyber weaknesses found in recent enforcement actions. Here’s our six things for financial firms to consider now.

Cyber, Risk and Regulatory Forum: Your source for the latest insights

Access real-time insights based on these current trends. The forum brings together the collective experience of cyber and risk professionals through executive research and perspectives on trends.

Tech + data is changing the way we see risks

How the digital-savvy would modernize compliance

Agile to the upside, resilient to the downside

A C-suite united on cyber-ready futures

Ready for new rules in a virtual, digital world

Get the latest updates on regulatory and policy developments in tech

should ceos think different about risk

Let's change the way we see risk

Risk isn't about responding to change. It's about changing the way we see. Shifting our perspective. Considering different angles. Strong risk and resilience capabilities can be the difference between those that thrive and those that fight to survive.


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One risk team powered by technology

As companies navigate digital transformation, new business models, regulation, and the evolving risk and threat landscape at an accelerated pace, unique risks and cyber vulnerabilities that were once improbable are now the norm. The good news: we can help you quickly adapt to these changes to anticipate and manage risk and defend against risks. It’s changing the way you see risk so you can act boldly and purposefully.

We help clients drive sustainable growth, protect value and navigate uncertainty by building trust and bolstering resilience to disruptions, change and cyber threats. Meet digital disruption head on and stay on top of threats while capturing the benefits of digital transformation. Respond swiftly to addressing changes in a rapidly evolving legislative and regulatory environment. 

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