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From tax reform to trade sanctions and the 2020 election, today’s issues can impact your business dramatically. What’s your plan, your strategy? Listen to our specialists in the know for insight and analysis on policy developments you need - as quickly as you need it with our subscription-based thought leadership platform.

Know more. Know now. Know what’s next.

Know more. Effective business strategies require you to tune out the noise and listen to people in the know. We provide timely thought leadership on policy developments that can affect your organization. 

Know now. You often can’t wait for this kind of information. With Policy on Demand, you’ll know what you need to know—now. Your business will have unlimited access to weekly briefings, conversations and insights regarding key legislative and regulatory developments that impact it.

Know what’s next. Tomorrow, the news can change. Our insight from former senior Congressional, Treasury and IRS officials now at PwC, can help you prepare. You’ll hear from Former House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp, Rohit Kumar on the potential impacts of Election 2020, Scott McCandless on trade, Pam Olson on tax regulatory developments, and many others. With us on your side, there’s no need to navigate your business strategy alone.


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Features and benefits at-a-glance

  • Access more than 600 pieces of content on your favorite device
  • Elevate your knowledge on topics such as tax reform, state and local tax, trade, OECD guidance and more from 10 policy professionals with more than 240 years combined experience
  • Stay ahead with analysis of significant issues on the horizon such as the 2020 presidential election
  • Educate yourself (and colleagues) quickly via in-depth videos on local and global developments from former senior Congressional, Treasury and IRS officials now with PwC


What sets us apart can set you apart

Our difference is clear—you get the right insights, at the right time, from the right specialists. We cover an array of topics to prepare you and your organization with what you need to know on any given day.

Always on

You’ll have access to weekly briefings and conversations. Plus daily analysis of legislative and regulatory developments. All accessible on demand via phone, tablet or desktop to help you stay ahead.

Topical relevance

Trade policies. State and local taxes. The 2020 presidential election. We cover it all in-depth across six channels.

Complimentary access

As a client of PwC, your company has enterprise-wide access to our exclusive insight and analysis.

*Complimentary through March 31, 2021

Available channels

Inside Tax Policy

How will Washington’s tax policies affect your business? Go inside, get the real story every week—on demand. Includes international developments that can shape your business strategy.


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Trade Talk

How unstable is it out there? While there are many moving parts dominating the current trade landscape, the one thing we do know is what happens around the world today will impact your business tomorrow. Our specialists can help you make sense of it all to develop your strategy accordingly.


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State Tax Policy

How do you manage state and local tax complexity? Our professionals stay on top of state and local tax developments - from post-federal tax reform to post-Wayfair and beyond - to keep you better informed and ready to act. Additionally, you will have access to our 50-state legislative tracker, state ASC-740 development tracker, Wayfair visualization, and other tools to manage the volume of change coming from the states.


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Global Policy

From OECD guidance to global tax reform, how will your company navigate its global footprint amid continuously changing rules? Listen to our specialists discuss international developments to help shape your international business strategy.


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Nexus has taken on new meaning and depth in the digital economy. What will the new rules mean for your business presence? We can help you stay ahead of new digital reporting requirements and guidance including OECD.


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Election 2020

How might the outcome of the next election affect your business? We can’t predict who will win, but we can tell you this. Our policy gurus will be analyzing the election and its outcome every step of the way to help you strategize for business success.


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How will your company meet today's challenges and be ready to face the uncertainty of tomorrow? More than ever, companies are faced with addressing issues outside the traditional concerns and to do so faster. Matters ranging from diversity and inclusion, cybersecurity, corporate governance and crisis management -- to name a few -- need to be part of a larger business conversation in order to plan and strategize the impact on workforce, the work, and the bottom line. Whether you sit in the C-suite or you're someone who engages with the C-suite, these conversations are curated just for you.

COVID-19 Response

With new information about COVID-19 coming to us on a daily basis, our clients are trying to keep up. Policy on Demand offers a place where they can receive timely updates. Now, more than ever, we want to be a steady resource for our clients to help our clients to confidently navigate through disruption.

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Put us to work for you

Policy on Demand provides thought leadership from former senior Congressional, Treasury and IRS officials including some that served on the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee. Our 10 senior policy professionals have more than 240 years combined experience in taxes, trade, legislation, international developments and more. They’re all here, ready to apply their depth of experience and knowledge for your benefit.


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