Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

Washington National Tax Services Co-Leader, PwC US

As someone who basically grew up on Capitol Hill, I enjoy helping others make sense of the ever-changing world of tax policy and unraveling what seems like the least “sensical” area of government.

I love keeping an eye on legislative tax policy, interpreting the results and advising clients on a path forward. After serving as US Domestic Policy Director and Deputy Chief of Staff, I take clients behind the headlines and help position them to build stronger, more resilient businesses.

By staying immersed in the dialogue of DC, I guide global leaders on managing risk. I use real-time policy insights to keep clients prepared — so they can plan scenarios that create opportunities.

A proud dad and devoted husband, my enthusiasm for tax policy can be found in blogs and on podcasts and radio.

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  • Tax policy and reform
  • Strategy consulting