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Embrace digital transformation with confidence

Digital initiatives are dramatically reshaping businesses through the rapid adoption of new technologies and new operating models. Business leaders driving these innovation agendas must capture the benefits of transformation with confidence and ensure that their new capabilities will be delivered securely.

Our offerings

We help organizations capitalize transformational business with the speed, scale and efficiency needed to safely achieve your growth goals. We guide cybersecurity leaders toward innovative approaches that enable success through cybersecurity — from automated defense technologies that protect new product landscapes to securing new market entry.

Incident and Threat Management

Unplanned events can arise anywhere, at any time. Each incident is different: some you know in advance; some you know could happen one day and others are just impossible to predict. Therefore, the ability to prepare, respond and emerge stronger from threats and economic crime requires specialized expertise and an understanding of key business issues.

We can help you recognize the threat when you see it and manage it dynamically through identifying your critical assets and processes and developing resilience plans to protect them from major incidents.

Network Security

As enterprises continue to embark on their journey towards digital transformation using emerging technology such as Cloud, IoT, AI/ML and Advanced Analytics, security becomes more of a challenge. 

At the core, PwC Network Security Service offerings are intended to strengthen enterprise security and limit breach, while maintaining compliance for regulations. We help companies secure their network to prevent, detect and monitor access from malicious external or internal actors (hackers or disgruntled employees). This also includes enabling secure remote access for legitimate users (such as accessing an organization's internal sites while working from home).

Data Security

Data is one of the most valuable and vulnerable assets within an organization. The ability to manage, govern and unlock data value in a secure and ethical manner is an imperative for all organizations.

PwC offers key solutions to provide analytical insight, reduce risk, enhance consumer experience, and create value and growth for our clients. Our comprehensive data security offering includes the strategy, talent, processes, and technology supporting an enterprise’s strategic goals to effectively and properly use data. We leverage our Data Trust Framework to deliver value throughout the data lifecycle, and include data at rest or in motion.

Cloud Security

As enterprises move more and more critical assets and information into the cloud, the ability to secure and govern cloud environments becomes increasingly more important. Further complicating transformations, the driving goals of the cloud – flexibility, elasticity, and scalability – conflict with traditional approaches to data security. So the enterprise’s security vision must transform as well. Organizations that establish trust and transparency with robust cloud security measures will separate themselves from industry peers.

PwC’s approach to cloud security embeds trusted guardrails across the full stack of cloud delivery to unlock the true value of cloud – agility, innovation and scalability. We help organizations navigate their cloud transformation journey with the key elements needed to create trust, build and deliver secure platforms, and manage the risks introduced through cloud adoption. Whether the goal is to grow the business, innovate, improve customer experience or transform IT capabilities, involving cyber from strategy through execution is an essential element to achieve success in cloud transformation.

Device Security

Device security deals with protecting corporate as well personal (BYOD) devices such as workstations, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. to ensure only authorized users can gain access to resources using those devices.

Operational technology systems are combinations of hardware and software that detect or cause a change to a physical device or process. Operational technology is pervasive, and expanding as firms continue to digitally transform and depend on automation the information generated by these systems.

Organizations must adopt a proactive security posture in order to programmatically manage cybersecurity risk to operational systems. We offer a variety of services to enable integrated IT and operational technology security programs and reduce risk to organizations.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management ensures that the right people have the right access within the organization. Strong identity and access management is a crucial part of any cybersecurity program. Many organizations begin to strengthen their Identity and Access Management programs by buying a suite of technologies, but fall short in realizing the full value. 

PwC helps organizations create a successful Identity and Access Management transformation by implementing the alignment of people, processes and technology to reduce risk and satisfy an ever-increasing number of compliance requirements. We help companies set up provisioning access to an organization’s workforce (employees and contractors) and consumers or clients. We also assist with technology and processes to enable access to high risk / privileged assets / applications in an organization.

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