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Industrial manufacturing today is marked by rapid innovation, global disruption, new business models and major digital investments. Both traditional players and new entrants are working to capture market share – raising competition and changing standards for quality and speed. Manufacturers are ready to meet this moment.

We help you reimagine your business and your place along the value chain – and evolve for the future. This evolution involves multiple areas of your business, so we assemble a team with decades of experience in operations, digital, risk, regulations and tax. We bring local insights and global industry knowledge. From the supply chain to shop-room floor, we guide your end-to-end evolution, redefining performance in modern manufacturing.

Digital transformation in manufacturing: Astec’s cloud journey

PwC helps centralize Astec’s operations with Oracle Cloud to improve decision-making.

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Next Manufacturing: Industry 4.0

New environment. New decisions.

In the last decade, a lot has changed for manufacturers. Shifting economic alignments, changing customer expectations, and new, less expensive technology prompt us to examine old assumptions and look for new ways to transform processes. Hybrid workforce, the Internet of Things, digital everything – What’s next for manufacturing?

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