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The right tech for real results

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Tuning into tech for better decisions

Tomorrow’s strategic thinkers need nextgen tech. See how we helped Sirius XM use automation to upskill staff on the latest tech, from robotics to data visualization, to help them on what’s next.

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Strategic thinking to the power of tech

How do you fight a deadly, rare lung disease? Bring the best of people and technology together for more timely and accurate diagnoses. See how we worked with Microsoft to shine a light on rare disease for OSIC.

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 Be human-led, tech-powered


Are you prepared for a more sustainable future?

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An unprecedented leap towards net zero

A net zero commitment this large, at this pace, is unheard of – and requires an ESG reporting solution that accurately and transparently tracks progress. That’s where we came in.

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Bringing the future of climate change to today

Mosaic wanted to understand what climate change could mean for the way it works. We helped them analyze the impacts of potential climate risks on global operations, equipping them to make more informed, sustainable decisions.

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Make trust your secret business weapon


The Trust Leadership Institute

If trust is the new currency of business, then leaders need to know how it’s earned and shared. See how our Trust Leadership Institute helps leaders make a lasting impact on business and society.


Trust, the new currency for business

Listen to Tim Ryan, PwC’s US Chair and Senior Partner, and Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, discuss trust as your most important asset in a changing world of rising stakeholder expectations.

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Put trust into action

Community of solvers

Where unique perspectives lead to unexpected ways to thrive

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When a community needs outside-of-the-box thinking

See how our community of solvers reimagined how the YMCA of Greater New York builds trust  by finding new ways to understand what customers want, and creating a plan to make it real.

Case study

Perspective plus tech to redefine loyalty

By rethinking the tech and reimagining the guest experience, our community of solvers took Wyndham completely cloud-native to redefine what loyalty looks like.

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See our solvers in action

The New Equation

A community of solvers coming together in unexpected ways

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