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A one-of-a-kind in-store experience, a clearly-defined brand, a secure mobile commerce option... Our consumer markets professionals help you establish a clear vision for your business and deliver on it with an unwavering focus on customers.

The future of retail

Consumers demand a confluence of convenience, choice, and control when they shop. In response, savvy retailers are seeking inspiration outside the retail environment, fully recognizing the power of tech-enabled ideas they can adapt.

In our analysis, we examine four tech-enabled approaches that retailers are deploying to provide shoppers with a superior customer experience. They are using deliberate strategies, focused on building advantage from their existing strengths.

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Tax reform is here

Thirty-one years in the making and tax reform in 2017 has gone from a legislative priority to law. As a result, 2018 will be a busy year. Companies will need to understand how the underlying provisions may impact their businesses, and what actions should be considered.

Below is a list of three changes that may have a significant impact on consumer markets companies.

  1. Corporate tax rate reduction (35% to 21%)
  2. Mandatory repatriation tax (15.5% for cash/cash equivalents or 8% for illiquid assets)
  3. Net interest expense deduction limitation

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PwC's Consumer markets is a leading financial accounting, tax and advisory practice serving a broad spectrum of service, merchandising and manufacturing organizations. High-growth tech start-ups, food manufacturers and retail outlets are among countless organizations that rely on our integrated knowledge and tailored solutions to succeed nationally or globally. Let our world-class capabilities help you define and achieve your goals. Connect with us today.   

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