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Transforming the donor and wish-granting experience

By applying a creative and design-led approach to the mission of Make-A-Wish, PwC is delivering a collective series of consulting services over a strategy and development platform at our Miami-based PwC Experience Centre, bringing together multi-disciplinary talents, technologies, and organisational decision-making capability to digitally transform the core of Make-A-Wish and introduce the concept of social giving to this 36-year-old cause.

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Delivering Civil Service Excellence in Italy: The Journey from SUNFISH to Cloudify

As change agents together, PwC is supporting the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) implementing one of the most important digital transformation projects in the context of the entire European public administration sector: Cloudify NoiPA. The EU-funded project SUNFISH, developed a cloud integration platform for secure data sharing which balances the need to enable multiple tenants and application scenarios while leveraging secure and reliable modern technologies and resources. Outcomes from the SUNFISH project are setting the basis for MEF’s wider digital transformation program Cloudify NoiPA.

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Confronting Chronic Disease at the Point of Maximum Impact   

The challenges of chronic disease such as diabetes are complex. Balancing investments and outcomes, which responses are best? What tools, approaches, and decisions are most likely to achieve the best results for individuals, populations, and the health ecosystem? To address complex chronic health challenges from many points of view requires a comprehensive solution that balances quality and cost for all health stakeholders. 

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The New Health Economy: Driver of Change and Disruption 

Never has there been greater opportunity to transform healthcare into a consumer-driven, collaborative ecosystem where decisions will be based on data. PwC has coined the phrase the New Health Economy to describe this model, which outlines how technological advances, empowered consumers, disruptive new entrants, and rising demand by an aging population are ushering in a new era in healthcare. 

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