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Network leadership team

Strategy Council

The Strategy Council, which is made up of senior partners of the 21 largest PwC firms and regions, agrees on the strategic direction of the network and facilitates alignment for the execution of strategy. 

  • Ad van Gils, Netherlands
  • Andrea Toselli, Italy
  • Andreas Staubli , Switzerland
  • Bernard Gainnier, France
  • Dion Shango, Africa Central and Southern Africa
  • Gonzalo Sánchez, Spain
  • Hani Ashkar, Middle East
  • Harald Kayser*, PwC Europe region
  • Hoonsoo Yoon, Korea
  • Kevin Ellis, United Kingdom
  • Koichiro Kimura, Japan
  • Marco Castro, Brazil
  • Mauricio Hurtado, Mexico
  • Nick Kós, Central and Eastern Europe
  • Nicolas Marcoux, Canada
  • Oon Jin Yeoh, Singapore
  • Raymund Chao, China
  • Robert E. Moritz, Chairman
  • Sanjeev Krishan, India
  • Sofia Gottmar, Sweden
  • Tim Ryan, United States
  • Tom Seymour, Australia
  • Ulrich Stoerk, Germany

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