At PwC, we can help you to understand your cyber risk holistically. So your business can become resilient and grow securely.

PwC’s Digital Trust Insights study looked at the resilience strategies of over 3,500 firms globally. We’re in the midst of a mindset shift in what it takes to protect business and rebound from cyber disruptions. Businesses where strategies are the most mature are also the most likely to have revamped resilience plans. They’re aiming for these standards:

  • Real-time visibility into critical assets and processes
  • An enterprise-wide plan and response
  • Continuous redesign of business services and processes

Test your knowledge of resilience and explore the findings of our latest survey in this interactive quiz. 


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Can you raise the resilience quotient? #PwCDTIquiz

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Explore the findings of our
DTI survey in this quiz.

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