Cyber security & Privacy

Cyber security & Privacy

Digital Trust is the key to security measures in the new era.

Emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and robotic process automation (RPA) are transforming businesses and lifestyles, creating new risks over data security and reliability. Is occurring. In order for Japanese companies to promote Digital Transformation (DX) and achieve sustainable business growth, the trust required in the digital age, that is, the creation of a "digital trust" is required.

PwC helps clients build digital trusts from a variety of perspectives, including cybersecurity, privacy, data security, and reliability.

PwC's Cyber security & Privacy Services

Cyber security Consulting

This is an era where cyber attacks from third parties have a greater impact on business, and the resulting cyber incidents are directly linked to the success or failure of business continuity. PwC supports cyber security measures in the areas of corporate IT systems, OT (Operational Technology) systems, and IoT. We provide comprehensive support from strategic planning to execution by utilizing PwC's global network even at overseas bases where cyber security management is difficult.

Cyber security Consulting

Cyber security Technology

In recent years, very sophisticated, strategic and organized cyber attacks have increased. Attackers' technology levels are constantly evolving, outpacing various defenses. PwC conducts co-ordinated attacks against client companies based on the tactics, techniques, and procedures of real attackers to identify vulnerabilities and evaluate resilience capabilities. In addition, we will provide necessary responses and measures based on the evaluation according to the needs of clients' business operations. Our Cyber Security engineering services team can provide the following services to your organization. Please follow through on the links below to understand our specific service offerings.

About Cyber security Engineering Team

Cyber security Engineering

Malware Analysis

  • Lite Analysis
  • Mid Analysis
  • Deep Analysis
  • Rule Creation

Incident Response

  • Incident Response retainer
  • Incident Response advisory
  • Investigation support and Digital Forensics
  • Stakeholder management

Penetration Test

  • Red Teaming / TLPT (Threat Lead Penetration Testing)
  • Web Application
  • Infrastructure / Network
  • Mobile Application
  • OT (Operational Technology) / ICS (Industrial Control Systems) Testing
  • IoT Hardware Hacking

Threat Hunting

  • Threat Hunting Service
  • SOC (Security Operations Centre) Monitoring
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) | Endpoint Detection & Response support
  • SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)


It is a minimum responsibility for a company that conducts business globally to catch up on the trends of privacy laws and regulations that are constantly changing around the world and to establish a compliance system. PwC supports the planning and execution of privacy-friendly data utilization businesses based on global standards and the latest trends in the industry.


The trend of digital transformation (DX) is sweeping both the public and private sectors, and it has become clear that business operations and IT will become even more closely intertwined in the future. As a result, we expect the importance of cybersecurity to further increase.

Cybersecurity will become essential not only for organisations to protect their information assets and ensure business continuation, but also to enhance their corporate value by gaining the trust of society and customers.

In the PwC Japan Group's 2021 Cyber IQ Survey conducted of 262 Japanese security leaders, we conducted a fact-finding investigation on the current and three-year outlook for security strategy, planning, structure, investment, supply chains, threat intelligence, privacy, and other fields. This report, which summarises the findings of the survey, contains valuable insights for security leaders in Japan.


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