Notice of PwC Legal Japan's Actions in relation to the State of Emergency (as of September 1)

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The power of connection

PwC Legal Japan was established on November 1, 2014 as a member law firm of the PwC global network.

These days, business activities easily cross borders and expand in all directions. As a result, not only the knowledge of Japanese laws, but also those of foreign laws are essential in daily business transactions. In addition, companies are often involved in highly complicated projects which require various professional services that extend beyond legal, to include tax, accounting, and consulting services.

In order to provide high quality services which meet your needs, every member of our firm is dedicated to continuing to improve his/her individual skills and we intend to expand and strengthen our capabilities to meet your needs.

Backed by the breadth and depth of the PwC global network, we bring our connected expertise across legal insight, business understanding, and technological innovation to bring your future into focus and uncover new opportunities.

Practice Areas

General Corporate / M&A

Our firm consistently offers high-quality legal services in all phases of corporate acquisition and alliance, including scheme planning, due diligence, drafting and negotiation of agreements, closing, and PMI. The wide spectrum of cases that we handle covers merger, company split, stock swap, stock transfer, and other organizational restructuring. We also offer advice on a variety of agreements such as purchase and sale, distributor, and joint venture agreements, as well as provide legal advice concerning various other issues encountered in the course of business.

Corporate matters must invariably be examined while taking tax and accounting into consideration, requiring the cooperation of tax and accounting professionals at different stages. By leveraging our global tax and accounting network, we are able to expeditiously and efficiently offer a wide range of services related to corporate legal matters from diversified perspectives.

Our global legal network is another strong asset. It allows us to seamlessly provide legal support, in cooperation with PwC's global legal network, to Japanese corporate clients for their overseas investments and strategic business alliances, and in matters involving their overseas subsidiaries and affiliates. Likewise, that global reach combined with our expertise in Japanese law enable us to provide our international clients with the same seamless support for all their tax and legal needs in the Japanese marketplace.

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Tax Advice / Tax Investigation Advice / Tax Litigation

To meet the tax compliance needs of our corporate clients, our tax lawyers offer integrated advice at all stages from commencement of transactions to litigation including,

  1. tax advice (advice on structuring, tax law interpretation, and repudiation risk related to various transactions including M&A and financial products);
  2.  advance ruling advice;
  3.  tax investigation advice (specifically, offering expert opinion based on legal knowledge); and
  4. tax litigation advice (advice related to business judgments on whether or not to proceed with litigation, acting as litigation counsel, etc.).

In particular, because the interpretation and application of tax laws are closely related to the interpretation and application of the Companies Act, the Civil Code and other laws of Japan, we, as legal professionals, are able to offer comprehensive tax advice in view of these complex statutes. Our firm is also qualified to advise on complex matters involving foreign laws such as applying Japanese tax law to events governed by foreign laws and subsequently offering interpretive advice.

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Intellectual Property Rights / Information Technology/ Communications

We handle intellectual property matters related to patents, copyright and trademarks, and offer advice on contracts concerning information technology and communications as well as all related laws and regulations. We also handle applications and registrations for every kind of intellectual property matter as well as measures to deal with disputes which may arise concerning intellectual property.

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We offer advice, primarily on behalf of employers, on employment disputes including litigation and trials, arrangement of employment rules, and company restructuring, among other matters.

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Regulatory Implications / Finance

We offer advice on various regulatory implications, compliance structures, and financial transactions related to the services of financial institutions from the perspective of tax and accounting or from an international perspective.

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Corporate Rehabilitation / Bankruptcy

Our firm advises on and assists with the implementation of measures to be taken by creditors or sponsors when business partners suffer financial difficulties, while giving consideration to legal proceedings such as bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures.

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Governance & Compliance (including corporate secretarial services)

We offer advice on the required measures necessary for compliance with sophisticated and complicated laws and regulations and the maintenance of internal rules and organizations from the viewpoint of compliance, in accordance with our clients’ needs. Additionally, we provide corporate secretarial services including preparation of minutes for shareholders' meetings and directors' meetings, and advice on related matters.

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Litigation / Arbitration

We offer advice on and representation for court procedures for a wide range of legal areas from general business matters to highly specialized areas including tax and commercial matters, intellectual property rights, and labor matters. We also provide services related to alternative dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration, civil mediation, and other non-contentious matters.

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