General corporate practice

As a legal counsel to our clients, PwC Legal Japan provides comprehensive support on an ongoing basis for the resolution of legal issues that arise day to day in companies.

PwC Legal Japan provides comprehensive support to our clients on an ongoing basis in resolving the legal challenges they face, in the form of the following services. 

  • Review of various business contracts
  • Support for the development of compliance systems to ensure appropriate operations
  • Support for negotiation with authorities
  • Support for solving problems with business partners
  • Identification of legal issues related to business and relevant solutions
  • Support for starting operations in Japan

We form a team of lawyers to support each client on an continuous basis so that we can better understand our clients' businesses and policies, and thereby provide more value through our services.

When necessary, we also assign lawyers with extensive experience and knowledge in particular areas, in addition to the regular team. This makes it possible for us to flexibly solve a wider range of legal issues.

Our team

Michito Kitamura
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Yasuyuki Iwasaki
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Makoto Hibi
Director, PwC Legal Japan

Satoshi Mogi
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Hiroki Yamada
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Kozo Kuromatsu
Director, PwC Legal Japan

Tomohiro Kandori
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Yusuke Kobayashi
Partner, PwC Legal Japan

Hiroyuki Sato
Director, PwC Legal Japan