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PwC Advisory LLC

Based on PwC's Purpose ‘To build trust in society and solve important problems’, experienced professionals provide services that contribute to the creation of new value for clients by making full use of the global networks.

CEO message

Today, socials and businesses are undergoing major changes due to huge economic trends (megatrends), and uncertainty about the global economy is increasing. In addition, the environment surrounding companies in Japan and overseas has changed every day, with the application of corporate governance codes and the increasing complexity of laws, regulations, and tax systems at the global level. The pace of change has been increasing. Against this backdrop of economic and financial conditions, many companies, including Japanese companies, are reforming their business models and expanding their operations in growth markets in order to implement business strategies that respond to globalization.

In order to resolve the complex issues facing corporate management and to increase corporate value, PwC Advisory LLC has a large pool of experienced, skilled, and passionate people who understand management issues and needs, and who can devote themselves to thinking boldly. As a member firm of PwC in Japan, we work closely with our global network of 156 countries* to provide services to our clients mainly in the three areas of M&A, business revival, and infrastructure in cooperation with tax, legal, consulting, and auditing and assurance.

We will contribute to the creation of new value for our clients based on our Purpose ‘To build trust in society and solve important problems’.

CEO Akane Yoshida

PwC Advisory LLC

* As of July 2019

Three Key Features of PwC Advisory

Optimized team provides comprehensive support from strategy development to its execution and realization

Consideration in a deal operation vary depending on business category, region, and deal structure. Factors requiring attention may also change if conditions are altered during deal implementation.

One of PwC's unique aspects is our wide range of experts engaging in deals and consulting as well as tax, accounting, and legal services. We configure teams for our clients to represent a trusted advisor who provides comprehensive support from strategy development through to execution and realization.

Support for cross-border M&A in over 100 countries leveraging our global network

Opportunities for corporate investment are expanding globally. In a bid for further growth, Japanese companies not only invest in major developed countries, but extend their investment to countries in farther regions such as South America and Africa. Meanwhile, there are companies in need of disposal of overseas businesses enhance efficiency or to procure funding.

PwC Group has offices in 157 countries, with deal specialists deployed in around 100 countries. Furthermore, we offer a Japan Desk in over 30 countries / regions employing Japanese or Japanese-speaking personnel, including deal experts.

PwC Japan team leverages our global personnel network and experience to offer personalized support for our clients’ enhanced corporate value.

Support based on data analytics

Is your company making effective use of data? Companies possess diverse data on their finances, customers, purchases, and personnel. Our experiences inform us that 90% of data held in a company lies untouched, yet has the potential to increase the company’s revenue and profit if employed effectively.

Using our data analytics technology, PwC provides clients with specific and feasible solutions towards achieving sales growth and cost reduction through multi-faceted analyses of current circumstances of the company.

Corporate Profile

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PwC Advisory LLC


CEO Akane Yoshida

Office Locations


Otemachi Park Building,
1-1-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004
Tel: 03-6212-6880  Fax: 03-6212-6881




Grand Front Osaka Tower A 36F,
4-20 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011
Tel: 06-6375-2630  Fax: 06-6375-2631



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