PwC Advisory LLC provides M&A advisory, due diligence, valuation, PMI support, and ROIC and cash flow management services to help you strengthen the competitiveness of your core businesses.


M&A advisory

As your M&A advisors, our financial advisors provide highly specialised and integrated support from sourcing to transaction execution. We also have extensive experience in cross-border transactions, real estate-related transactions and more.

Due diligence

We provide comprehensive services by integrating various types of due diligence.


We provide valuation services for situations such as M&A, transactions between group companies, capital allocation and capital investment decisions.

PMI support

In recent years, awareness of the importance of PMI (post-merger integration) has been on the rise among Japanese companies. However, PMI efforts do not always result in the outcome that was initially expected. By leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in PMI, we provide support for value creation through M&A.

ROIC and cash flow management

ROIC (return on invested capital) management is essential for the sustainable increase of corporate value. We provide consistent support for ROIC management from planning and development to implementation and operation.

Our Team

Ken Takenaka

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Masaki Nakashima

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Hidefumi Yoshida

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Junichi Koga

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC



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