Stakeholder focus

PwC Advisory LLC supports you in promoting alliances with external stakeholders from various aspects such as sustainability, digital transformation, real estate, public-private partnerships (PPP) and more.


Decarbonisation and net-zero strategy

We help companies balance their business and decarbonisation efforts by developing effective roadmaps for 2030 and 2050, which include the assessment of current greenhouse gas emissions and the planning and execution of specific measures.

Support for introducing renewable energy and decarbonisation transformation

We provide support for corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) for power generation businesses under Japan’s feed-in premium (FIP) system and for resolving issues related to the procurement of renewable energy power.

Value creation in urban development

We provide support for value creation and the resolution of social issues in urban development projects. We also help investors and development consortium participants achieve value enhancement through urban development projects.

Corporate real estate strategy

Due to changes in the working environment and social structure, it has become important to manage real estate from the perspective of improving management efficiency and compliance. Through our one-stop support, we support the enhancement of corporate value through the effective use of real estate throughout entire corporate groups.

Public-private partnerships

We leverage a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide advisory services to clients in both the public and private sectors on a variety of issues related to domestic and international infrastructure and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Digital transformation and data analytics

We provide holistic and continuous support for value creation in business by using digital technology and data analytics to streamline and sophisticate M&A origination, due diligence and PMI operations.

Our Team

Motoyuki Hattori

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Ryu Katayama

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Yasuyuki Kato

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Yuichiro Nishikawa

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC



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