Ryu Katayama

Ryu Katayama

Partner, PwC Advisory LLC


Government agencies, public agencies, urban infrastructure, hospitality and leisure, real estate

Summary of expertise

Ryu Katayama joined PwC Advisory Co., Ltd. (now PwC Advisory LLC) in 2001, and he is engaged in advisory services for PFI/PPP.

Ryu has been engaged mainly in advisory services for public sector such as the national and local governments, and also in the effective use of public real estate and regional revitalization in recent years.


  • Member of the Kawasaki City Asset Reform Review Committee


  • "Seminar in publishing the Guidebook ‘Securitization for developing projects in Real Estate’ " (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
  • "Dispatching program as PFI Advisor" (Japan Foundation for Regional Vitalization)
  • "PFI Seminar" (Yokohama City)
  • "Learning Program regarding PFI" (Kawasaki City)
  • "PFI and Securitization in Real Estate" (The Association for Real Estate Securitization)


  • "Strategy and Approach of Privatization" (co-authored by Nikkei Inc., August 2004)
  • "Knowledge and Practice of Securitization for developing projects in Real Estate" (Co-authored Gyosei, February 2004)
  • "Recent Developments in PFIs –in light of Relationship to Securitization" (ARES vol. 72004.1-2)

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