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Integrated resort (IR) business support

Japan is preparing for the establishment of integrated resorts (IR) that include casinos, based on laws such as the Integrated Resort Development Act and the Integrated Resort Promotion Act. The PwC Japan Group brings together professional knowledge and provides thorough support to help resolve the challenges faced by local governments and companies that are considering entering this new IR business. Many of our consulting, deal advisory, tax consulting and assurance service professionals have experience in the gaming industry, and we use this experience to deliver services to match your needs, from market entry strategy to post-launch support for your IR business.

PwC’s core services

Support for formulating your IR vision

PwC provides IR vision design support to local governments aiming to attract IR, and to key companies in the relevant areas.

  • Support for formulating regional master plans
  • Support for formulating IR development plans
  • Analysis of potential market size in each area

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Support for developing an entry strategy

The IR market comprises multiple businesses, which means that various entry model patterns are possible, depending on your strengths. PwC can help you formulate an appropriate entry scenario consistent with your own corporate vision and strategy.

  • Support for formulating IR development plans
  • Analysis of potential market size in each area and business field
  • Support for formulating alliance strategies
  • Support for the consideration of investment and funding structures
  • Support for the development of IR market entry strategies based on each company’s own strengths

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Consortium support

PwC provides support from the consortium-formation stage for the various considerations that are necessary in order to be selected by the local government as a business operator.

  • Support for forming a consortium
  • Support for formulating business plans
  • Support for developing investment and financing structures

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Compliance support

IRs are subject to various restrictions designed to control the social cost associated with their introduction. PwC provides support to help you respond appropriately to such restrictions.

  • Support for AML (anti-money laundering) regulatory compliance
  • Support for compliance with regulations designed to combat gambling addiction
  • Support for building internal controls

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Support for establishing a project management office (PMO) for the launch of business

PwC utilizes our knowledge and experience in launching IR businesses overseas to provide project management support to business operators selected by local governments to establish IR businesses.

  • Support for design and construction management
  • Support for organizational design, hiring and recruitment and human resource development
  • Support for IT construction
  • Support for building a risk management structure
  • Support for government/council and resident response
  • Support for implementing marketing strategies

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