We provide practical solutions to today's increasingly complex, sophisticated and diverse HR- and labour-related legal issues.

Delivering integrated expertise for increasingly complex legal issues

PwC Legal Japan’s experienced lawyers are familiar with employment law and can provide practical solutions to a wide variety of employment matters.

In addition to routine employment law advice, we provide a wide range of employment law-related support, including support for drafting work rules and employment contracts, development of compliance systems, appointment of directors and other executive officers, employment of non-regular employees, employment of foreign nationals, handling of sexual harassment and abuse of authority, disciplinary actions, dismissal, severance matters, labor unions, employment data protection, industrial accidents and dispute resolutions in and outside of legal proceedings such as lawsuits, labour tribunals and mediation.

In particular, we can provide efficient and effective support for employment matters that are closely connected with other legal fields, such as M&A and corporate transactions, in which we are also widely experienced. Through collaboration with the relevant professionals within the PwC Japan Group, we can also provide one-stop services for employment matters that are closely connected with areas such as tax and social security.  And for cross-border employment matters, we can provide assistance in both English and Japanese through collaboration with the relevant lawyers and other professionals throughout the PwC global network. 

We provide practical solutions to the various employment law matters that have become increasingly complex and difficult in recent years

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Support for dealing with a problematic employee:


We provided support to a client who was faced with an employee who repeatedly engaged in problematic behaviours such as ignoring instructions. Based on our advice, the client took measures to encourage performance improvement, took disciplinary action, and ultimately was able to successfully dismiss the employee.

Employment law support for a business carve-out:


In collaboration with PwC Advisory LLC and other PwC member firms, we provided our client with employment law advice on the transfer of employees and harmonisation of employment conditions with regard to a business carve-out.

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