Cyber security

We provide a comprehensive range of integrated cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your cyber security capabilities, and respond to incidents and crises. Our services are designed to help you build confidence, understand your threats and vulnerabilities, and secure your environment. Our cyber security service delivery team includes incident response, legal, risk, technology and change management specialists.

Key things to consider

Are you already compromised?

  • Have you checked?
  • How compromised are you?
  • Do you know your threats?

How good are your defences?

  • Do you test like a real 'hacker'?
  • Have you considered all risk options?
  • Insurance?
  • Third parites?

Do you know where your data is and who has access to it?

  • Are you sure it is only in your company?
  • Sleep walking into cloud?

What would you do if you were breached today?

  • Do your crisis plans cover reputational, legal, regulatory fall out?

How do you compare?

  • What's your RoI?
  • How do you compare to peers and best practice?
  • What looks good?
  • Innovation in a Digital era?

Why us

Our cyber security team, part of an international network, advises and supports businesses large and small. We can help you with detailed data and technical analysis, and equally, we can advise senior management and boards in shaping a broader strategic response to cyber risk. Our specialists can help you reduce your exposure to cyber threats, improve your defences and respond to cyber incidents. We can also help you address the legal issues around breaches, data protection and privacy, and implement a culture and environment where your people understand how to behave securely and do the right thing.

We can help you manage risks, stay connected and feel confident.

You’re in safe hands

We are one of the largest professional services network in the world, with one of the largest dedicated forensic teams globally and specialists across risk, finance, legal, technology and people and change. We are the safe pair of hands trusted by governments and industry to handle some of their most sensitive issues.

Operate in the know

Our team can help you build a strong security foundation and an agile management framework integrated with your wider business plans, so you can operate knowing your risks and opportunities.

Be prepared

Every organisation will be breached at some point. Understanding this will help you prepare for the worst. Our team can help you prepare and prevent breaches to protect what matters most to you.

Take control

Our team can help you take control and keep you up to date on regulatory and legislative changes. Our legal experts can also help you address your data privacy and protection concerns.

Feel confident

Your people are important, and their actions have a direct impact on your business and its security. Our team can advise you on creating the right culture where your people instinctively do the right thing.

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