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Industrial Manufacturing

Evolve for the future of the industry. Tomorrow starts today.

PwC is a global expert with local insights and a breadth of expertise. We’re ready to help you evolve for the future of the industry. 

Industrial manufacturing today is marked by rapid innovation, global disruption, new business models and major digital investments. Both traditional players and new entrants are working to capture market share—raising competition and changing standards for quality and speed. Manufacturers are ready to meet this moment.

We help you reimagine your business and your place along the value chain—and evolve for the future. This evolution involves multiple areas of your business, so we assemble a team of experts with decades of experience in operations, digital, risk, regulations and tax. We bring local insights and global industry knowledge. From the supply chain to shop-room floor, we guide your end-to-end evolution, redefining performance in modern manufacturing. 


The Middle East continues to experience an unprecedented demand on its manufacturing supply base. Through our broad range of services PwC assists manufacturing organisations throughout the region to:

Optimise performance through the design and implementation of LEAN programmes
Develop & implement a digital manufacturing strategy to transform the way you currently operate
Deploy IIoT solutions to improve productivity, maximise performance and enable data driven decision-making
Enable change and build a capable organization with a self improvement mindset
In response to the growing social and regulatory pressures, operate sustainably

A key area, that is crucial to manufacturing companies is Supply Chain Management. By working with customers and suppliers to plan supply and demand, identify and qualify improvement opportunities and implement process and technological improvements, organisations can significantly reduce costs and improve reliability of materials supply, stock holding and distribution, while improving customer service and cash flow.


Client Results

Increased productivity, positively impacting bottom line

Changed mindset of continuous improvement, driving competitive advantage

Improved return on investment, ensuring optimum use of resources

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Augmented customer satisfaction, leading to increased customer lifecycle value

How Can We Help

Most manufacturing companies consider Digital Manufacturing a top priority and are increasingly getting themselves ahead of the game so that they are ready for the future. PwC can help evolve for tomorrow, by identifying opportunities that directly impact the bottom line, prioritising them to develop a phased roadmap, identifying the capabilities and culture needed to achieve your vision and drive successful implementation.

To meet the current and future challenges and become a digitally enabled organisation, an agile operating model is necessary to achieve your strategy with speed, efficiency and precision. We will help build your Target Operating Model to efficiently deliver value to your stakeholders.

Should we manufacture the products in-house or outsource them? Going forward, in the digital world within a disruptive economy, this question has become increasingly important. Achieving the optimal mix has become not only crucial to gain a competitive edge but also important for an organisation's long term success.

Does your workforce need to upskill their capabilities to deliver on your strategy and digital vision? We will help you identify and build the capabilities needed to implement your digital strategy so that you realise all the planned benefits.


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Dr. Bashar El-Jawhari

Partner and Leader of Industry 4.0, Procurement and Supply Chain, PwC Middle East

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