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The Middle East continues to experience an unprecedented demand on its manufacturing supply base. Through our broad range of services PwC assists manufacturing organisations throughout the region to:

  • Optimise performance through the design and implementation of LEAN programmes
  • Review their own supplier base throughout the value chain including Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Explore opportunities to grow through acquisition (both in and out of the ME region)
  • Capitalise on opportunities in new and emerging regional markets like Iraq and Libya
  • In response to the growing social and regulatory pressures, operate sustainably

A key area, that is crucial to manufacturing companies is Supply Chain Management. By working with customers and suppliers to plan supply and demand, identify and qualify improvement opportunities and implement process and technological improvements, organisations can significantly reduce costs and improve reliability of materials supply, stock holding and distribution, while improving customer service and cash flow.


Client Results

30 – 50%






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20 – 30%


How Can We Help

Most manufacturing companies consider Digital Manufacturing a top priority and are increasingly getting themselves ahead of the game. PwC can help by identifying opportunities that directly impact the bottom line, develop your vision with a phased roadmap, identify the capabilities and culture needed to achieve your vision and drive implementation.

To navigate in a volatile economy an agile operating model is necessary to achieve your strategy with speed, efficiency and precision. We will help build your Target Operating Model to efficiently deliver value to your stakeholders.

Should we manufacture the products in-house or outsource them? In a disruptive economy, this question has become increasingly important. Achieving the optimal mix has become crucial to gain a competitive edge.

Build capability: Does your workforce need to upskill their capabilities to deliver on your strategy and digital vision? We will help you identify and build the capabilities needed to realize your str


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