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From innovative strategy to rapid real-world results and more, we bring you the technology that makes the difference.

Get it right, the first time.

Transformation goes beyond implementation. At PwC, we think about your digital transformation journey with outcomes in mind.

Today, technology is the difference between who leads and everybody else. But the ‘right’ technology transformation doesn’t come in one form. Whether you're looking to improve individual functions, leverage technology for commercial return or fundamentally overhaul how your entire organisation is connected, we want to help you lead. It isn't a one-off choice you need to make, but a journey to embark on. One where you’ll create sustained outcomes no matter where you start.

From innovative strategy to rapid real-world results and more, we bring you the technology that makes the difference. Together we can see beyond change to help you lead.


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Read the latest thinking from across the Middle East, delivering bold insights for bold leaders, from reports, to white papers, articles and video series, we bring you thinking that will make a difference.

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Technology capabilities

Technology can be complicated, but we help to simplify the process and maximise impact along your transformation journey.

Technology Strategy
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A strategy that embraces the right technology and defines the architecture to make it happen

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Harness the power of the cloud for innovation and agility

Cybersecurity and Digital Trust
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Build trust, promote resilience, while preparing for the unexpected

Data and Analytics
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Optimize data assets to make faster and more informed decisions


Emerging Technologies
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Emerging Technologies to help you rethink how you do business


Enterprise Solutions
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A unique equation that combines our deep sector expertise and business-led perspective with SAP's innovation- powering software.


Artificial Intelligence
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AI has the potential to fundamentally disrupt markets in the Middle East through the creation of innovative new services and entirely new business models


Business applications
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Enhance the power of your business applications

 AWS , Microsoft , Oracle , Salesforce, SAP


Joining forces. Transforming businesses.

Growing your business alone in today's ever-changing, tech-filled world can be tough. Whatever your focus—greater innovation, cloud or business transformation, operational efficiency or faster product and service speed to market—PwC Middle East and our Alliance relationships are here to help.

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