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The metaverse will change how we all do business. It will affect how we sell and purchase things, sign and enforce contracts, recruit and train talent, and interact with customers and communities.

For over a decade, PwC’s global community of solvers has been researching, experimenting and advising organizations on emerging technologies related to the metaverse. Today, we bring our deep experience and a multidisciplinary view to the next set of digital environments, platforms and technologies that will change the way we communicate, connect, and work. We help you build trust while delivering value and sustained outcomes, embracing responsible innovation with unexpected creativity. From strategy to build, to launch to growth, we can help you navigate your way through the evolving technological, commercial and regulatory landscape of the metaverse with a global, end-to-end approach.

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PwC in the metaverse

Join us in our new interactive experience.

Join us in the metaverse

Solving in the metaverse 

Creating trusted experiences for a metaverse that works

Building trust into everything we do, our solvers work hand in hand with our clients and strategic alliances to co-create robust strategy, infrastructure, experiences and rules for the next immersive, digital world. We’ve explored countless possibilities within our own virtual walls, and our perspective, capabilities and experience can help guide you to your next step and support the transformation you need. Whatever your specific challenge or opportunity—in strategy, technology, compliance, marketing, sustainability—and wherever you are on your journey, we’ll help get you to your destination.

We have experience working with clients just starting out in the discovery phase, doing disruption analysis, shaping web3 and metaverse strategy, and advising on leading practices and strategic alliances. We also engage with clients on the design and deployment of metaverse technology assets, ranging from remote collaboration tools in Virtual Reality (VR), to digital asset design and distribution, to data-driven digital twins, to geospatial data visualization, to training simulations and more. And once our clients are active in the metaverse, we’re there with them—providing tax, legal, cyber, and audit services.

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PwC x Virbela Metaverse at Cannes

Throw on your virtual sunglasses and get your avatar ready for the French Riviera!

We created a custom, virtual environment to bring highlights of Cannes Lions to you, no matter where you are in the world.

Join PwC and Virbela as we take you through a unique Cannes Lions experience.
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Case Studies

metaverse case studies

From Venice to everywhere via the metaverse.

Working with Ve.La S.p.A to expand a physical event into digital worlds

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