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  • June 06, 2023


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Our role

We delivered a metaverse strategy including digital services, 3D files creation, communication plan 


Our visionary design, digital & communication competences and launch methodology  


How do you grow a beloved event beyond its physical limits?

Over a million people descend on Venice, Italy, during the Carnival of Venice every year, hoping to see magical parades, costumes, and cultural events. The event producer, Ve.La S.p.A, appointed us to extend the event to the virtual world, thus enabling users who were not able to travel to Venice, to join the event from anywhere. 

“Promoting the spirit and tradition of the Venice Carnival in the metaverse is an opportunity to attract new generations who are on the frontiers of digital communication.”

Alberto Bozzo, Sales and Business Development Director, Ve.La S.p.A


Take Venice to the metaverse!

The goal of the initiative was to connect as many digital users as possible with the Carnival by allowing them to have an immersive experience from anywhere in the world. To achieve this, our metaverse strategists, 3D artists and communication and technology experts created a digital experience as well as new revenue streams and engagement opportunities for the iconic event. 

A new way to experience heritage – The most ancient city of the future

We delivered:

  • Our 3D artists studied the shapes and origins of the ancient carnival masks (that originated from Commedia Dell’Arte), to recreate their digital and highly refined versions as skins and wearables for the avatars.
  • By collaborating with Ready Player Me, the globally know cross-app avatar platform for the metaverse, every user could use their masked avatars in over 2,000 compatible metaverse environments.
  • A contest encouraging users to wear the filters (of reproduced carnival masks) and post the selfie to Instagram, where the most original post would win a weekend away in Venice. This meant that social media users could enjoy the magic of the Carnival in a new and original way.
  • A new souvenir in the form of a holographic postcard featuring the official Carnival mask.
  • A social media and communications strategy and plan enabling to Ve.La S.p.A to launch and execute the event.

PwC’s proven methodology for ideation, design and testing led to a user-friendly and festive digital experience and allowed more people to enjoy the Carnival.


The Carnival continues

Our work extended the Carnival beyond the in-real-life, 18-day event in a sustainable way and created new digital revenue streams. Venice Carnival masks and costumes were seen at Metaverse Fashion Week in March 2023, and in gaming and virtual reality events across the metaverse.

The Venice Virtual Carnival involved digital users from 19 countries. The digital campaign reached over 6.6m people, almost double the initial estimated reach. This contributed to a 25% growth in the Carnival fan base on social media.

Over 250,000 users have interacted with our digital assets, from wearables to Instagram filters.

Additionally, we created a virtual space in the Spatial metaverse platform to allow anybody to discover the stories and traditions behind the costumes, nurturing a sense of community around this world-famous event.

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