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In an ever-changing risk landscape, internal audit is no longer about ticking boxes

Expect more from internal audit

In today’s dynamic environment, Internal Audit plays a key part in helping your organisation achieve its strategic business objectives within the risk settings you desire. PwC brings the full range of the network’s specialty skills and industry experience to bear to give our clients the confidence and insights they need as they execute.


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Andrew McPherson (PwC Australia)

Global Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) and Internal Audit Leader

Our services

PwC provides Internal Audit services to hundreds of organisations, with thousands of auditors and specialists, in many markets and industries. The systems, capabilities and collective knowledge we deploy, can deliver sharp and objective insights and high value to our clients. 

Explore our Internal Audit services:

Managed service (outsourcing)

For many organisations, the best way to have a full scope internal audit function within their budget envelope that can draw on a wide range of skills required to review different areas and risks, is to utilise our full managed service. Through this we bring the full power of PwC’s technologies, analytics and specialists in a well managed package led by a compact core team.

Partnering (co-sourcing)

Where an organisation’s spend on internal audit is significant, the best model is often one with one or two partner organisations to provide technology, specialists and scalable capacity. Often referred to as co-sourcing, we bring a wide range of support to Chief Audit Executives of some of the largest and most complex global organisations. Through this relationship we provide access to technology and data solutions, deep industry experience and comparators, and the full range of PwC’s capabilities, as and when our clients need. There are a wide variety of service configurations available, depending on your needs. What is common is a compact core team at the centre of your relationship.


From time to time, boards, executives and/or Chief Audit Executives want to reconsider their future strategy, priorities, options and configuration of their Internal Audit function. Through serving hundreds of major organisations globally, across sectors, we are well placed to bring an objective view, with ideas and options based on your organisations context, strategy, risk appetite and associated governance, risk and compliance. We can provide a broad overview of the profession and marketplace as well as deep subject matter and industry experience to help shape your vision and the steps you need to take to improve your Internal Audit function.

We are driving Internal Audit innovation by merging the skills and experience of our people with a robust, leading edge Internal Audit approach and state-of-the-art technologies. The result is The PwC Internal Audit. Relevant, aligned and agile, it helps deliver confidence and insight in equal measure, and to the highest standard.


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