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2017 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study: Navigating disruption

A look at the influences disrupting organisations today and how Internal Audit can build the resiliency to evolve and increase its organisational value.

Delivering Internal Audit excellence

The risk landscape is changing. Now is Internal Audit’s moment to be a critical lever for change.

Internal Audit. Expect More.

Addressing enterprise risk while enabling business performance

Globalisation and technology have many upsides. Unfortunately, they also have downsides. For instance, in enabling risks, old and new, to suddenly reverberate around the world—and across your enterprise. That’s why being able to spot both operational issues and opportunities on the horizon—in a way that is deeply aligned with your corporate strategy—is critical not only to managing risk but also to optimising your business performance.

PwC’s Internal Audit Services can help you and your board do just that—with a comprehensive, disciplined approach that yields practical solutions, not hefty reports. Our specialists and services are focused on creating value—bringing you the insight and foresight across your business as a whole, to tackle the future head on. Learn more.

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