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If you’re operating across borders, or competing in multiple jurisdictions, complying with local tax laws, reporting requirements and statutory filings — not to mention staying on top of new legislative developments — is more than a full-time job for your tax department.

But compliance is only half of the equation. In a world of intensified global competition, the key to business success is keeping your tax strategy agile and aligned with your corporate strategy — while keeping an eye on your worldwide effective tax rate.

PwC’s international tax professionals have the resources, experience and local competencies to help companies like yours address your cross-border needs. With our legal, transfer pricing, tax controversy, and indirect tax teams, we are superbly qualified to assist you with all aspects of your international taxation needs. And our geographic networks such as our EU Direct Tax Group, Latin American Tax Group, and International Tax Desks can provide you with the up-to-date analytical tax insight you need to achieve your business goals, both locally and globally.

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COVID-19 presents significant challenges to people and organisations around the globe and the disruption continues to evolve. To help you cut through the complexity, PwC's team of specialists collaborated to create a resource for you to stay abreast of the changes that impact your business.

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EU Direct Tax Group

EUDTG is PwC’s pan-European network of EU law experts. We specialise in all areas of direct tax, including the fundamental freedoms, EU directives and State aid rules. You will be only too well aware that EU direct tax law is moving quickly, and it’s difficult to keep up. But, it is crucial that taxpayers with an EU or EEA presence understand the impact as they explore their activities, opportunities and investment decisions.

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Latin American Tax Group

LATAX has a core team of international tax resources with deep tax technical, business and cultural expertise in pan-regional Latin American tax issues throughout the Americas. Countries that form part of our extended LATAX network include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

The team provides critical assistance to its clients in the following areas:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and dispositions
  • Structuring of new operations in the region
  • Financing of Latin American operations
  • Tax treatment of cross-border payments, including deductibility, withholding taxes, and VAT
  • Latin America's expanding tax treaty network
  • Regional shared service centres
  • Regional holding company structures
  • Limited risk service models, including contract and toll manufacturing and limited-risk distribution structures

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International Tax Desks

When change is on the horizon - either across the border or across the world - do you understand how it could affect your business now and in the future? What about the commercial context? If you're not well-versed in local country tax law, every development carries the risk of an opportunity lost, or an unnoticed risk.

Local insight, global reach

PwC’s International tax desks include experienced tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with deep country-specific tax and business knowledge. As experienced practitioners with local market knowledge, they provide companies real-time access to foreign country tax intelligence - what is driving the changes, what the risks may be, and how to capitalize on the opportunities.

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Global Research & Development Incentives

Our R&D professionals are trained to identify and document research expenditures. Your global strategy might call for other options about where you spend your R&D dollars ― based on ownership of intellectual property and jurisdictional relief. At PwC, our team, which includes international tax specialists, can help large multinational companies like yours take advantage of available incentives, consider the effect on transfer pricing, and review your company’s global tax strategy for cross-border structuring. We bring together both your global and local staff to train them in how to devise and implement strategies to:

  • Identify available research activities
  • Analyse detailed accounting records to find costs that qualify for jurisdictional relief
  • Consider existing, and potential, alternative tax planning strategies based on the rules in differing jurisdictions
  • Gather, organise, and develop documentation to support and defend the eligible costs if an enquiry is initiated by the tax authorities
  • Develop procedures and technologies that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of identifying, documenting, calculating, and sustaining current and future incentives
  • Another plus: Our global tax planning approach offers numerous advantages since it focuses on your key tax objectives. Together we can develop a sound global tax strategy that addresses your global research and development activities.

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