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How PwC is helping Asia Pacific make the most of its growth opportunities

Why Asia Pacific?

The Asia Pacific region is a powerhouse of global economic growth. The Asia Pacific region accounts for more than half of the world’s population, one fifth of the world's economy, and is expected to contribute about 60% of all global growth in the next 10 years (Source: WEFUNFPA).

Such growth promises a rising tide of prosperity but as Asia Pacific businesses grow and mature, the challenges confronting them and broader society become more challenging and complex.

That’s why PwC Asia Pacific is dedicated to fostering new ways of working to solve the important problems.

We do this by bringing together people with diverse ways of thinking and giving them the space to approach problems from all angles. We know the collective power of difference and its ability to spur creative breakthroughs.

Here’s how PwC is using it to solve important problems.


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"Old solutions won’t work for new problems, so we’re dedicated to thinking differently about the challenges and opportunities facing Asia Pacific. Our priority is to help our clients succeed in this very dynamic and ever-changing part of the world, and to help build trust in society."

Raymund Chao, Chairman of PwC Asia Pacific and PwC China

Asia Pacific's Time

Asia Pacific is changing. The strong fundamentals which dramatically improved prosperity and living standards across the region, can no longer be relied upon to address the inevitable continuous disruptions.

The era of passive growth is over; it is now time to act.

This is Asia Pacific’s time. Asia Pacific must now build a resilient future on five pillars: Advancing the digital economy, enabling regional enterprise growth, rebalancing supply chains and fostering innovation, future-proofing the labour force, and building towards a net-zero economy.

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Creating the ability to make financial decisions faster, together

The problem

The amount of data being generated and collected each and every moment is not only staggering – it’s growing astonishingly. But most businesses are struggling to collate or analyse this data, letting potentially transformative insights go ignored and unknown.

The solution

Siloed or fragmented data drastically reduces the value of the insights that can be drawn from it, but large datasets can be impossible to thoroughly analyse. It’s why we created a business intelligence tool that combines unified datasets with powerful visualisation, to allow fast identification of outliers.

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PwC's Asia Pacific IFRS 17 Health Check Survey

The insurance industry is growing rapidly in Asia Pacific's developing markets. A significant unifying factor in this diverse region is the adoption of IFRS 17, a globally standardised accounting model for all insurance contracts.

We surveyed close to 70 insurance executives across 11 countries in the Asia Pacific region in May 2020 to understand how insurers are conducting their IFRS 17 programmes. The responses provide insights into approaches followed, progress made and challenges faced with IFRS 17 implementation.

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Asia Pacific Leadership

Raymund Chao

PwC Asia Pacific Chairman ; Chairman, PwC China


Christopher Kelkar

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Operations


Sridharan Nair

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Markets

+603 2173 1188


Territory Senior Partners

Raymund Chao

PwC Asia Pacific Chairman ; Chairman, PwC China


Tom Seymour

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Australia Chief Executive Officer, Brisbane, PwC Australia

+61 7 3257 8623


Eddy Rintis

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Indonesia Territory Senior Partner, Jakarta, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Koichiro Kimura

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Japan Group Chairman, PwC Japan

+81 80-3158-6202


Soo Hoo Khoon Yean

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Malaysia/Vietnam Managing Partner, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0762


Mark Averill

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 646 418


Alex Cabrera

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Philippines Chairman, Makati, PwC Philippines

+63 (2) 8459 2002


Oon Jin Yeoh

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Singapore Executive Chairman, PwC Singapore


Joseph Chou

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Taiwan Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Taipei, PwC Taiwan

+886 2 27296666, x26693


Chanchai Chaiprasit

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Thailand Chief Executive Officer, PwC Thailand

+66 (0) 2844 1000


Van Dinh Thi Quynh

Country Senior Partner, Hanoi, PwC Vietnam

+84 24 3946 2246


Executive Leadership Team

Matt Graham

PwC Asia Pacific Assurance Leader, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 412 744 547


David McKeering

PwC Asia Pacific Consulting Leader, Brisbane, PwC Australia

+61 7 3257 5664


Sean Gregory

PwC Asia Pacific Risk & Quality Leader, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 2 8266 2253


Calum Davidson

PwC Asia Pacific Transformation Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

+[852] 2289 2323


Damon Hickey

PwC Asia Pacific Alignment Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

+[86] (10) 6533 5097


David Brown

PwC Asia Pacific Deals Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

+[852] 2289 2400


Peter Ng

PwC Asia Pacific Tax Leader, PwC China

+[86] (21) 2323 1828


Bob Saada

PwC Asia Pacific Consulting Leader, PwC Malaysia


Pauline Ho

PwC Asia Pacific Human Capital Leader, Kuala Lumpur, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0946


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