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How PwC is helping Asia Pacific make the most of its growth opportunities

27th Annual Global CEO Survey - Asia Pacific: Leading through accelerated reinvention

Our survey suggests that the vast majority of CEOs in the region are already taking some steps toward reinvention. Yet they are still not confident that their companies would survive more than a decade on their current path. 

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Global supply chains: The race to rebalance

While the COVID-19 years were about rebalancing and de-risking supply, we now face a new reality. Economic volatility driven by inflation, energy crises and geopolitical tensions – among other forces – have created a new reality for business leaders. There’s a global race happening right now as businesses look to rebalance their supply chains and seek new suppliers, locations and talent. It’s no longer enough to focus on resilience and short-term profitability.  Businesses need to transform to survive and grow.

This report from PwC covers why we believe this shift from resilience to growth is necessary, what it means for CEOs in Asia Pacific as well as for those trading with Asia Pacific, and what businesses can tangibly do to find growth in this environment. Global supply chains: The race to rebalance, sets out practical steps that CEOs can take to rebalance for growth.

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Asia Pacific Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2023

Is the workforce ready for reinvention?

Our latest survey of 19,500 workers across Asia Pacific highlights the need for organisations to transform. 39% believe that their organisation is unlikely to survive more than 10 years if it continues on the current path - similar to CEOs surveyed earlier this year. However, are workers ready for the transformation journey ahead? Our survey reveals six key factors underpinning the workforce's reinvention-readiness.

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Why Asia Pacific?

The Asia Pacific region is a powerhouse of global economic growth. The Asia Pacific region accounts for more than half of the world’s population, one fifth of the world's economy, and is expected to contribute about 60% of all global growth in the next 10 years (Source: WEFUNFPA).

Such growth promises a rising tide of prosperity but as Asia Pacific businesses grow and mature, the challenges confronting them and broader society become more challenging and complex.

That’s why PwC Asia Pacific is dedicated to fostering new ways of working to solve the important problems.

We do this by bringing together people with diverse ways of thinking and giving them the space to approach problems from all angles. We know the collective power of difference and its ability to spur creative breakthroughs.

Here’s how PwC is using it to solve important problems.


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"Old solutions won’t work for new problems, so we’re dedicated to thinking differently about the challenges and opportunities facing Asia Pacific. Our priority is to help our clients succeed in this very dynamic and ever-changing part of the world, and to help build trust in society."

Raymund Chao, Chairman of PwC Asia Pacific and PwC China

Unlocking Asia Pacific

This exclusive blog series is a collection of opinions and insights from our people across the region, bringing you different perspectives on hot topics that matter to you and your business.

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Asia Pacific Leadership

Raymund Chao

PwC Asia Pacific and China Chairman, PwC China


Christopher Kelkar

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Operations, PwC United States


Sridharan Nair

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Markets, PwC Malaysia


Territory Senior Partners

Kevin Burrowes

Partner, Office of CEO, PwC Australia

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Raymund Chao

PwC Asia Pacific and China Chairman, PwC China


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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Indonesia Territory Senior Partner, Jakarta, PwC Indonesia

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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Japan Group Chairman, PwC Japan


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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Malaysia/Vietnam Territory Senior Partner, PwC Malaysia

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New Zealand Chief Executive Officer, Auckland, PwC New Zealand

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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Philippines Chairman, PwC Philippines


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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Singapore Chairman, PwC Singapore


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PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Taiwan Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Taipei, PwC Taiwan

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General Director, Ho Chi Minh City, PwC Vietnam

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David Brown

PwC Asia Pacific Deals Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

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Damon Hickey

PwC Asia Pacific Alignment Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

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PwC Asia Pacific Human Capital Leader, Kuala Lumpur, PwC Malaysia

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Daniel Li

PwC Asia Pacific Assurance Leader, PwC China

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Vishy Narayanan

PwC Asia Pacific Chief Digital & Information Officer, PwC Australia

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PwC Asia Pacific Consulting Leader, PwC Consulting LLC


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PwC Asia Pacific Risk & Quality, PwC Hong Kong


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PwC Asia Pacific Tax Leader, Singapore, PwC Singapore

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