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Asia Pacific Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2024

Helping workers adapt to change in an age of transformation

Change is constant, accelerating and evoking feelings of both optimism and uncertainty. This is a central finding from this year’s Hopes and Fears survey of 19,500 workers in 14 territories across Asia Pacific.

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Hopes and fears

27th Annual Global CEO Survey - Asia Pacific: Leading through accelerated reinvention

Our survey suggests that the vast majority of CEOs in the region are already taking some steps toward reinvention. Yet they are still not confident that their companies would survive more than a decade on their current path. 

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PwC’s Global NextGen Survey 2024 – Asia Pacific highlights

PwC’s Global NextGen Survey 2024 – Asia Pacific highlights

The reality of GenAI: NextGen’s balancing act.

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Voice of the Consumer Survey 2024: Asia Pacific

Respond, Rethink, Reimagine: Strengthening Consumer Trust in Asia Pacific.

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Advancing together in Asia Pacific

For many years Asia Pacific has benefited from a strong set of regional fundamentals. It has shown great resilience in the face of past challenges, and its burgeoning economy has lifted fortunes across the region. 

Now, we are facing a new reality, and a complicated road ahead with twists and turns that underscore the need to come together. 

Rarely in history have business leaders had to deal with this many challenges, each coinciding and uniquely complex. And never have leaders had to respond to them all at once. It is now incumbent upon businesses in Asia Pacific to be much more deliberate and proactive in decision making, and more strategic in planning — to drive equitable growth and enhance regional competitiveness and resilience.

Unlocking Asia Pacific

This exclusive blog series is a collection of opinions and insights from our people across the region, bringing you different perspectives on hot topics that matter to you and your business.

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Asia Pacific Leadership

Daniel Li

Asia Pacific and China Chair, Shanghai, PwC China

+86 (21) 2323 3388


Christopher Kelkar

Global Strategy & Corporate Development Leader, PwC United States


Sridharan Nair

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Markets, PwC Malaysia


Territory Senior Partners

Kevin Burrowes

Chief Executive Officer, Sydney, PwC Australia

+61 3 8603 1443


Daniel Li

Asia Pacific and China Chair, Shanghai, PwC China

+86 (21) 2323 3388


Eddy Rintis

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Indonesia Territory Senior Partner, Jakarta, PwC Indonesia

+62 21 509 92901


Masataka Kubota

Territory Senior Partner, PwC Japan Group


Soo Hoo Khoon Yean

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Malaysia/Vietnam Territory Senior Partner, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0762


Andrew Holmes

CEO and Senior Partner, PwC New Zealand

+64 21 284 7035


Roderick Danao

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Philippines Chairman, PwC Philippines


Marcus Lam

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman, Singapore Chairman, PwC Singapore


Hoonsoo Yoon

Chief Executive Officer, Seoul, PwC South Korea

+82 2 709 0201


Joseph Chou

PwC Asia Pacific Vice Chairman ; Taiwan Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Taipei, PwC Taiwan

+886 2 27296666, x26693


Pisit Thangtanagul

Chief Executive Officer, PwC Thailand

+66 (0) 2844 1000


Mai Viet Hung Tran

General Director, PwC Vietnam

+84 28 3823 0796


Executive Team

David Brown

PwC Asia Pacific Deals Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

+[852] 2289 2400


Damon Hickey

PwC Asia Pacific Alignment Leader, Hong Kong, PwC China

+[86] (10) 6533 5097


Pauline Ho

PwC Asia Pacific Human Capital Leader, Kuala Lumpur, PwC Malaysia

+60 (3) 2173 0946


Vishy Narayanan

PwC Asia Pacific Chief Digital & Information Officer, PwC Australia

+61 2 8266 1580


Nobuaki Otake

PwC Asia Pacific Consulting Leader, PwC Consulting LLC


Debra Wong

PwC Asia Pacific Risk & Quality, PwC Hong Kong


Chris Woo

PwC Asia Pacific Tax Leader, Singapore, PwC Singapore

+65 9118 0811


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