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Tech-powered reinvention

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, technology's true power lies in its application. PwC's technology services create an environment primed for rapid reaction and reinvention, with right-fit tech exactly where you need it.

Our solvers bring together in-depth industry know-how, hands-on engineering experience, and alliance powered applications to unlock the full potential of the cloud. From defining your tech strategy to delivering tech-led transformation programs to running your most complex functions, our human-led, tech-powered teams can take your business to the next level.

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Our technology capabilities

Technology strategy

In the rapidly evolving digital world, leveraging technology is essential for survival and growth. PwC specialises in transforming IT functions, empowering enterprise strategies, and modernising infrastructures and applications. We provide strategic guidance to harness technology effectively, ensuring sustainable results and keeping your business ahead in the digital race.

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Artificial intelligence

PwC is accelerating investments in technology, industry collaborations, training and in the services we offer to clients — all the areas that have already made us a generative AI leader. Our approach to bringing generative AI to businesses is rooted in building trust and delivering outcomes. 

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Data & analytics

In the era of big data, PwC empowers organisations to extract valuable insights for competitive advantage. Our thorough solutions span from data governance to advanced machine learning, focusing on scalability, security, and ethical AI. We enable clients to leverage data and AI for innovation, operational efficiency, and personalised customer experiences, guiding you towards a transformative data-driven future.

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At PwC, we offer more than just cloud migration; we reinvent how your business operates. Our services range from accelerating advanced technologies like GenAI to building robust data strategies and promoting sustainable practices. We help your organisation transform rapidly, enhancing efficiency, security, and agility in the cloud.

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Cybersecurity & privacy

As digital initiatives reshape businesses, PwC can help you with the secure adoption of new technologies and operating models. We focus on capturing the benefits of digital transformation confidently, emphasising the secure delivery of new capabilities.

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Managed Services

PwC’s Managed Services will transform and run your complex processes and functions. What we provide is so much more than outsourcing. Consider us your digital business ally with the connected tech, leading-edge skills and hands-on support to help you continuously improve at scale.

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Emerging tech

Emerging technologies are driving business and industry evolution. PwC helps differentiate between hype and reality, enabling clients to lead disruptions rather than follow. We blend innovation with trust, offering current, human-led, tech-powered solutions to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

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Alliances & Ecosystems

PwC goes beyond mere technology implementation, driving innovation and business transformation.  Our expertise in enterprise platforms and applications delivers tailored digital solutions, enhancing business processes for transformation, innovation, and operational efficiency.

Alliances & Ecosystems

We've curated strategic alliances with the world's leading technology and data companies to help accelerate innovation and power your business transformation. With our industry insight and technology expertise, we’ll deliver right-fit digital solutions that simplify your systems and amplify your results. Whatever your focus - business transformation, greater innovation, cloud-powered reinvention, operational efficiency - PwC and our Alliance partners are here to help.

Our digital transformation approach coupled with Adobe Experience Cloud helps deliver customised customer experiences that build trust.

We achieve business transformation results with AWS. With 7,900+ accreditations, 5,200+ certifications and 16 ambassadors, our AWS solutions expertise will help you drive revenue, manage risk and build resilience.

By combining our deep industry perspective with Google's end-to-end integration support, we help you modernise your operations with the power of Google.

With Guidewire, we can transform your business and maximise your technology investment. Our combined experience in GWCP, digital, data and core transformations can help solve your greatest issues efficiently.

With Microsoft, we empower you to solve your most important challenges. Our industry expertise combined with the security, flexibility, and speed of Microsoft’s technology can accelerate the achievement of your business goals.

Together with Oracle, we implement cloud-based solutions across industries. We help streamline finance operations, digitise supply chains, empower your workforce, modernise customer experiences and transform your business.

By combining our deep industry knowledge with the Salesforce human-centered, experience-led approach, we ensure every engagement is relationship-enhancing. We deliver meaningful, impactful outcomes for you and your customers.

Our outcome-driven approach uses SAP products to help achieve your business goals. As a community of solvers, we have the expertise to help reshape your business through digital and cloud transformation.

Together with Workday, we deliver best-in-class applications for workstreams such as Finance and HR. Our human-led, tech-powered approach means we build solutions with you that work for you.

The Tech Agenda

Explore PwC’s latest insights for organisations seeking the structure, culture and tech to react fast and reinvent first.

Our global network of leaders

Dieter Harreither

Austria Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Austria


Xavier Verhaeghe

Partner, Technology Consulting, PwC Belgium


Petr Lozek

Lead Partner, Consulting, PwC Czech Republic

+420 724 258 609


Mads Nørgaard Madsen

Partner, PwC Denmark

+45 2811 1592


Heli Valtari

Partner, PwC Finland


Philippe Trouchaud

Partner, PwC France

+33 15657 8248


Sebastian Paas

EMEA Cloud Transformation Leader, PwC Germany

+49 175 3269938


George Naoum

Partner, Territory Clients & Markets Leader, PwC Greece

+30 210 6874030


David T Lee

Ireland Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Ireland (Republic of)


Nicola Morlin

Italy Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Italy


Patrice Witz

Advisory Partner, Technology Partner and Digital Leader, PwC Luxembourg

+352 62133 35 33


Ali Hosseini

Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Middle East

+971 444 68 777


Imad Abuizz

Saudi Arabia Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Saudi Arabia


Ragnar van der Valk

Netherlands Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Netherlands


Are Muri

Norway Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Norway


Marek Mlyniec

Partner, TC Leader, PwC Poland


Gabriel Voicila

Romania TC Leader, PwC Romania


Mark Allderman

Partner, Technology Transformation Capability Leader, PwC South Africa

+27 (0) 21 529 2063


Armando Martinez Polo

Spain Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Spain


Albert Faessler

Partner, Technology Consulting, PwC Switzerland

+41 79 352 52 21


Rainer Wilken

Partner, PwC Germany


Miguel Fernandes

Consulting Partner, PwC Portugal


Gabriela Teixeira

Partner, PwC Angola


Rohit Antao

Consulting leader, PwC Australia


Horatio Wong

Mainland China and Hong Kong Digital and Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Hong Kong


Pawan Kumar S

Analytics Transformation Leader, PwC India

+91 9845450796


Yaron Hedvat

Israel Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Israel


Kenji Katsura

Japan Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Japan


Charles Loh

Microsoft Leader, South East Asia Consulting, PwC Singapore


Gary Hsu

Partner, Taiwan Technology Consulting Leader, PwC Taiwan, PwC Taiwan

+886 2 27296666


Enzo Taibi

Territory Advisory Leader, PwC Argentina

(54 11) 4850-4635


Luis Ruivo

Sócio de Consultoria, PwC Brasil


Sajith Nair

Partner, PwC Canada


Jorge Mario Añez

Partner Advisory, PwC Colombia

(60-1) 6340555


Ignacio Perez Rubio

Regional Consulting Lead Partner, PwC Interaméricas


Cenk Ozdemir

PwC Cloud & Digital Leader, PwC United States


Tyson Cornell

Cloud & Digital Leader, PwC United States


PwC and TED

As TED's Strategic AI Partner, we’re working together to lead the global conversation on AI.

AI is rapidly impacting the ways in which we interact, create, work, run our businesses and our homes. This moment needs bold leadership, thoughtful examination and fearlessness to ask hard questions. As the Strategic AI Partner at TED2024, PwC is working together with TED to ask these questions and show how AI can create real value for businesses, individuals and our wider societies.

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PwC and TED
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