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45% of CEOs believe their company will not be viable in ten years if it stays on its current path.

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Business model reinvention

In today's turbulent business landscape, CEOs grapple with a path marked by volatility and profound change. Shifts in consumer preferences, regulatory dynamics, workforce challenges and a technological evolution will ultimately redefine the business world as we know it today. 

In this exclusive LinkedIn series, ‘Reinventing Business’, hear directly from our leaders; challenging assumptions, dissecting use cases for emerging technologies and conducting deep dives into the unique steps business leaders are taking today to face the future head-on. 

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Mahadeva Matt Mani

Mahadeva Matt Mani

Global Transformation Platform Co-Leader, Partner, Strategy& Netherlands

Tom Archer

Tom Archer

Global Technology Consulting & Alliances Leader, Transformation Platform Co-Leader, PwC United States