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At PwC, we are proud to play a constructive role in the debates shaping auditing, financial reporting, regulation, and corporate governance around the world.

Regulation and policy

Developments in regulations and public policies can have wide ranging implications for companies and their auditors. For companies, it might mean new reporting or governance requirements. For us as auditors, the nature and scope of the audit, the oversight of our work or the role of the auditor in the capital markets could all change.

We use our experience and knowledge to bring insights to the ongoing debates around the significant regulatory and public policy issues affecting business, society, our clients and our profession. 

We know it is important to stay up to date and engaged with these issues.  You can find more information about what has been happening, read our latest regulatory briefing and sign up for updates from us below.

Regulation & Policy


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 Jan McCahey, Global Public Policy Leader, PwC UK


"Society has a bigger voice right now. Therefore the question is how do we react to that? The profession has to think carefully, working with all the other stakeholders to say, 'Should the rules and regulations be changed around conflicts of interest, expectations gap and things of that nature?'"

Bob Moritz, Global Chairman of PwC

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