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Providing business resilience and crisis management services

Business resilience and crisis management services

Business leaders understand that the world is now in an era of ‘permacrisis.’ All companies today are facing a more complex risk landscape and increasing threat of business disruption—and most will experience a crisis as a result. Organisations that aren’t adequately prepared and/or lack an integrated resilience programme—including core operational resilience capabilities such as business continuity, emergency response, and technology, supply chain, and cyber resilience—face potentially catastrophic consequences as a result.

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Welcome to PwC’s GCCR from co-leaders Dave Stainback (US) and Bobbie Ramsden-Knowles (UK)


Percentage of business leaders that recognise organisational resilience as an important strategic priority

PwC Global Crisis and Resilience Survey 2023

Percentage of organisations that have experienced disruption in the past two years.

PwC Global Crisis and Resilience Survey 2023

Connecting risk, resilience and crisis

We are now exposed to an unprecedented number of complex risks—from regulations to cyber threats, supply chain disruption to geopolitics to climate change—all of which are driving factors for disruption. 

The purpose of resilience is to have measures in place which will enable an organisation to withstand or absorb those risks, should they materialise, and where this is not possible, respond appropriately to minimise the impacts and remain within pre-defined tolerances. Every critical component, system, service, process or activity should be resilient, recoverable or have continuity plans in place.

When, however, a disruption impact exceeds the acceptable level of impact for an organisation, it becomes a crisis. In a crisis, resilience plans may be overwhelmed and the tolerable levels of impact may be breached. A crisis management capability should provide a flexible and dynamic approach to enable an organisation to manage unforeseen disruptions, continue to deliver its strategic aims, and return to a viable operating state in these conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Building business resilience

Organisations are adapting to constant disruption by transforming their approach to building business resilience to thrive—not just survive—in today’s era of ‘permacrisis’ and ‘polycrisis.’ The key to success is resilience: the ability to navigate through crises, and the capacity to adapt and succeed in the face of constant disruption. Resilience has become a strategic imperative.

Business resilience, also described as enterprise resilience and/or organisational resilience, requires your organisation to evolve continuously, protected from shocks, while at the same time being able to adapt, create value and maintain a competitive edge. However, tension can exist between being resilient versus being agile. Balancing these two competing demands can be challenging.

The three core components of enterprise resilience

  • Strategic resilience: the ability to evolve and build agility into the organisation
  • Operational resilience: the ability to maintain critical operations during disruption
  • Financial resilience: the ability to maintain capital and cash flow during disruption

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Our crisis response capability

There on ‘day one,’ when it matters

Although building resilience will prevent more disruptions from becoming a crisis, we all know crises are not going away. In fact, the frequency, speed and magnitude of corporate crises are increasing, driven by today’s complex risk landscape and global megatrends.

Organisations need to respond quickly and effectively to protect corporate value, reputation and trust. This requires expertise, capacity and infrastructure that many companies do not have in place.

PwC’s crisis response capabilities are designed to augment organisations’ capabilities to support them when they need it the most: on day one. PwC's Global Centre for Crisis and Resilience can convene and assemble multidisciplinary specialists across the PwC network, regardless of crisis type, location or industry. 

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Crisis management and resilience services

PwC’s Global Centre for Crisis and Resilience has a tested and proven methodology of preparing and responding to crises as well as building resilience for all types of organisations.

Crisis and resilience thought leadership

PwC podcast series

Emerge stronger through disruption

As businesses experience disruption, how they respond can determine their ability to recover and emerge stronger. In each episode of our series, PwC specialists discuss the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders in today’s environment of global uncertainty.

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