Crisis recovery

Create opportunity from crisis

Prepare. Respond. Emerge stronger.

In the midst of a crisis recovery, the notion of discovering a business opportunity may be far from top of mind. 

But there’s no better time to solidify your strengths, root out your vulnerabilities and learn the lessons you need for a business stability strategy. You’ll be better positioned to respond to the next disruption, turn potential surprises into strategic opportunities — and gain greater success overall.

84% of organisations believe there are lessons to be learned from the way they’ve responded to the pandemic.

Source: PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021

4 benefits you’ll gain with a strategic approach to crisis recovery

A clear-eyed analysis of your crisis response and path to recovery helps build resilience and stability. And with resilience comes the ability to integrate what you’ve learned into your recovery and emerge stronger. 

With a focused approach to crisis recovery, your organisation will ... 

  • Cultivate the ability to begin to look around the corner, anticipate disruption and reduce shocks

  • Gain the confidence and courage to handle any crisis that arises, rooted in learning from experience and continuous improvement

  • Experience fewer blind spots that can hamper future responses to crisis

  • Earn greater confidence from your leadership, business partners and other stakeholders

Build beyond the status quo

As more crisis events threaten the global business landscape, from the COVID-19 pandemic to climate change to any number of company-specific situations, many organisations may simply plow through each disruption, putting out fires and making do as each crisis hits.

We know from working with hundreds of companies over the past several decades that even in the most dire circumstances, growth and opportunity are possible — and probable — with the right approach to crisis recovery. 

Successful organisations learn from their missteps and their wins, integrating every lesson into planning for crisis and crisis recovery, and building resilience for the road ahead.

Look back to plan ahead

PwC’s Global Centre for Crisis and Resilience can support you with targeted initiatives to help you recover and prepare for future disruptions and opportunities. With the following crisis recovery solutions, you’ll regain stability in business and emerge stronger:

An after action review analyses how you performed during your crisis response, gathering data and insights to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

Crisis strategy and scenario planning helps you evaluate multiple scenarios and develop contingency strategies to identify opportunities and mitigate risks.

Root cause analysis identifies origins of problems or events, which will help you lay the groundwork for crafting an effective future response.

A crisis preparedness assessment provides a detailed snapshot of your organisation’s current crisis-management capabilities; clear, measurable maturity score benchmarking; and a prioritised roadmap for enhancing your program.

Crisis management program design establishes an enterprise-wide plan to navigate the next crisis.

A crisis plan builds critical structure and guidance for your organisation to weather a significant unplanned event.

Crisis response training provides a process for reviewing your crisis and business continuity plans, developing potential crisis scenarios and putting them to the test. You’ll develop muscle memory and be better prepared for the unknown.

Simulations and exercises help your organisation test, reassess and improve in order to build your team’s “muscle memory,” identify gaps and strengths, and emerge stronger from a crisis.

Experience and strength to support
your crisis recovery

We bring:

  • Crisis and recovery experience

  • Established methodologies

  • Tools and technologies

  • Resource capacity and

You gain:

  • Organisation and clarity

  • Speed

  • Space to think

  • Information to make critical decisions

  • Business stability

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