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The way businesses operate and what drives success is changing. Their response to urgent issues such as climate change, the pandemic and social inequalities is under scrutiny, and expectations are increasing. Corporate reporting needs to communicate the value that a business creates – and the impact this has on the planet and our people – across economic, social and environmental dimensions. And it’s not just shareholders who want to understand this to inform their decisions. Other stakeholders are looking at a company’s broader performance and impact too – from customers, suppliers and employees, to governments, regulators and society in general. 

Insightful, holistic and trusted reporting plays a vital role in the success of a business – providing crucial information for management’s internal decision making, complying with regulatory requirements and meeting stakeholder needs.

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Reporting to build trust: A framework

Faced with a confusing menu of reporting frameworks and methodologies, companies must seek to find out what matters to their stakeholders now.

Reporting to build trust: A framework
Reporting to build trust: A framework

PwC’s Global Investor Survey 2023

Trust, tech and transformation: Navigating investor priorities

Investors want to know how companies are managing climate change and emerging technologies like AI, but lack confidence in the information they receive.


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How PwC can help

From insights into current and emerging reporting requirements, to practical guides and innovative solutions, our corporate reporting specialists can help you to understand how your current reporting stacks up when it comes to communicating the value created and effects caused. We can help you stay ahead of developments, and define new reporting strategies and embed these strategies into your underlying processes and systems to meet the needs of the capital markets, regulators and other key stakeholders. We can help you provide trusted data to those stakeholders through assurance.

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