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PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2019

Crisis Preparedness as the next competitive advantage: Learning from 4,500 crises

2,000 companies. 4,500 crises: Here’s all you need to know

We are pleased to present PwC’s first-ever Global Crisis Survey, the most comprehensive repository of corporate crisis data ever assembled. We heard from 2,084 senior executives in organisations of all sizes, in 25 industries, and across 43 countries — 1,430 of which had experienced at least one crisis in the past 5 years, for a total of 4,515 crises analysed overall. What we found out is game-changing.

By delving deep into the real-world experiences of organisations like yours, we uncovered some surprising findings, many of which turn the basic notion of crisis management – in fact, how we even think of crisis – on its head.

Instead of “admiring the problem,” we’ve used this data as a springboard to reverse-engineer a successful crisis response. We looked at the companies that self-identified as having emerged stronger from their worst crisis – and compared them to those who did not fare as well.


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What did these organisations do differently? What crucial preparedness steps did they take that led to their positive outcomes? Can crisis actually be a positive experience… even one that can yield competitive advantage?

Yes, it can. And you don’t have to go through a crisis to learn how.

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Why your people hold the key to crisis outcomes

A crisis can touch so many aspects of an organization — from its financial, legal, and competitive standing to its technology, processes, and reputation. What too often gets overlooked is the human factor. Read on to learn more. 

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What is your crisis preparedness score

What is your crisis preparedness score?

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