PwC and TED

As the Strategic AI Partner for TED in 2024, we’re working together to lead the global conversation on AI.

PwC and TED: asking the big questions about AI

AI is rapidly impacting the ways in which we interact, create, work, run our businesses and our homes. This moment needs bold leadership, thoughtful examination and fearlessness to ask hard questions. As the Strategic AI Partner at TED2024, PwC is working together with TED to ask these questions and unlock the potential of AI to create real value for businesses, individuals and our wider societies.

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The path to generative AI value: Setting the flywheel in motion

How organizations can structure their GenAI pursuits to blaze a path to value and create lasting momentum.

Brace for impact: PwC and TED, a dynamic duo, are redefining the future in 2024. The game changes now.

Scott Likens - Global AI and Innovation Technology Leader

Credit to Stacie McChesney, TED

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PwC the Strategic AI Partner at TED2024 in Vancouver

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design — three broad subject areas that are collectively shaping our world. But a TED conference is broader still, showcasing important research and ideas from all disciplines and exploring how they connect. PwC is the Strategic AI Partner at TED2024 - TED’s 40th anniversary conference. In April 2024, in Vancouver, we brought our people, insights, and expertise together with TED in the pursuit of ideas worth spreading.

Watch PwC Partners, Teresa Owusu-Adjei and Vik Pant reflect on the event and the PwC and TED collaboration.

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PwC at TED: AI San Francisco

In October 23, TED and PwC launched a pioneering conference focusing on the power and impact of AI. As TED's Strategic AI Partner, PwC helped welcome 1,200 attendees to San Francisco across two days of talks, workshops and events exploring the untapped transformational potential of generative AI. In October 2024, PwC will return to San Francisco for TED: AI's second year.

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“We are entering an era of unique challenges and opportunities, driven by the astonishing revolution in technology. To thrive, we humans will have to raise our game. We must figure out the best forms of collaboration with AI and confidently reassert the values that truly, deeply matter. TEDs 40th anniversary is a celebration of a future worth having and those leading the way with creativity, ingenuity, courage, wisdom and generosity.”


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Scott Likens

Global AI and Innovation Technology Leader, PwC United States