Join PwC in Decentraland

Join PwC in Decentraland where we’ve created an interactive experience in the metaverse, bringing communities together to help educate and problem solve in unexpected ways.

Create your avatar and enter a world where you can play interactive games and challenges but stay tuned for live events bringing together panels of experts and special guests.

Please scroll down for FAQs and detailed instructions on how to find us in Decentraland. Or for those of you ready to jump right in, let's go...

Visit PwC in Decentraland

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Join us in the metaverse!

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How to navigate the PwC experience

Use the W, A, S, D or directional arrow keys to move your avatar. Press the Space bar to jump, and you use your mouse or trackpad to look around. Press ESC to regain control of your cursor again.

The PwC experience is open for exploration! Take your time and discover the gardens and auditorium where people will be able to gather for events and exhibitions in the future. For a more interactive experience, it all starts with our balloon captain. Engage with the captain and you will be given further instructions on how to take part in our climate quest or investment challenge.

Once you have completed one of these, head back to the captain to explore other options or try for even faster times.

Instructions on how to find us in Decentraland

Visit Decentraland

1. Visit Decentraland

2. Click Open in browser

a. Once you click the above, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a a Beginners Guide which has some FAQs that you may find useful

Create an avatar

3. Click Play as guest. You can create an avatar or click Randomise and the system will make one for you

Almost there

4. Once finished, click Done
5. Enter your name (mandatory) and email (not mandatory)
6. Accept terms and conditions
7. You are now in!

Where to find us

8. To access the PwC experience, there are different options you can use:

a. Access via the direct link here

b. Use the /GOTO command: Press enter, and you’ll see the chatbox open on the bottom left of your screen. Type in the following command /GOTO -131,-116 to be teleported to the start of the PwC land experience

c. Click on the icon with the avatar in a white circle on the top right of the screen,

  • Once open, you will see four choices in the top row that include: EXPLORE, BACKPACK, MAP, AND SETTINGS.
  • Click on MAP
  • Once the MAP is open, you will see a set of coordinates when you move the cursor across the map on the screen. Guide the cursor towards the grid coordinates -131, -116

Decentraland frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For Decentraland FAQs please click here.

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