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Be transformative: rethink, reinvent, and thrive in any future.

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Designing and building a unified digital government services platform

A Middle East government had a portfolio of digital and non-digital government services which were delivered in a fragmented way through multiple platforms. They included healthcare, education, business, culture and tourism, housing, transport, and law and order.

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PwC Middle East and Microsoft have strengthened their global partnership at LEAP 2023 in Riyadh, to support government and private entities in their digital transformation and cloud migration journey in Saudi Arabia. The collaboration will focus on cloud transformation, business process automation and technology consulting, addressing the present and future needs of clients across Saudi Arabia. Learn More

PwC and Microsoft have put into effect their global alliance to accelerate digital transformation and cloud adoption in Qatar. The collaboration offers combined business insights and latest technology to help businesses across sectors increase their performance and resilience in pursuit of their digital transformation ambitions. Learn More

PwC Middles East has collaborated with the Higher Committee for Government Digital Transformation and our alliance partner Microsoft in the development of 'The UAE Centre for Government Digital Excellence'. The centre’s purpose is to aid the digital transformation journey of UAE government entities through AI technology and ensure efficiency and productivity. Learn More

At LEAP 2023, PwC Middle East announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Arabia’s Digital Government Authority, and a strategic agreement with the Institute of Public Administration. Learn More

PwC Middles East has signed an MOU with Festival X to reaffirm their common objective of empowering the new media arts scene in the UAE, and positioning Dubai as a regional hub for media arts and innovation, by facilitating local and regional artists with the right tools and resources as a way to nurture the developing community. Learn More

PwC Middle East participated in Dubai's GenAI Assembly to tackle some of the biggest questions facing humanity in the wake of the generative AI boom and assess the opportunities and challenges and lay out a path forward for harnessing generative AI for good. Learn More

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