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The Financial Services sector continues to be at the heart of the uncertainty the world faces and the emergence of disruptive trends in our industry is relentless.

Figuring out what the future holds and what shift in strategic mindset and execution that will be needed is truly challenging. And there is a lot to consider depending on your role in the market: How will banking evolve and how will the traditional banks rise to the challenge, what is the future of digital only banks in the region, the development of Fintech, how emerging tech is redefining the banking experience, who will be the future key players in the market and how will the regulators evolve to create suitable laws and regulations. 

At PwC we continuously stay on top of the movements in the industry and what they mean for our region and our clients to create impactful and digital-led solutions.



PwC's Banking practice provides guidance on retail banking, risk and regulation, FinTech, consumer credit, private banking and more.

How we can help

Regulatory reform, more stringent capital requirements, risk management considerations, disruptive technologies, a low interest rate environment, and enhanced reporting requirements are all challenges to growth in banking and capital markets. Sophisticated strategies and solutions will be required for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge. PwC professionals assist many of today's largest banks and securities firms with their most challenging issues in every segment of the financial industry: consumer/retail banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, mortgage banking, securitisation, capital markets, insurance, investment management, broker/dealer and real estate.


Financial Services is facing sweeping technological changes that are profoundly impacting the way clients do business.

FinTech is changing the Financial Services industry from the outside in. Fintech is all about innovation, disruption and transformation, and will undoubtedly impact and shape the way financial institutions around the world operate. Explore the key themes of PwC's latest report on FinTech: Redrawing the lines: FinTech’s growing influence on Financial Services, based on a PwC survey of over 1,300 senior financial services and FinTech executives from 71 countries. This is something that affects everyone in the FS industry so please get in touch with our team of specialists to talk about what that means for your business.

Risk and regulation

Financial services risk and regulation - many see it as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to stand out. An opportunity to grow. An opportunity to build trust.

Financial Crime

This has become a major issue for all financial services organisations as well as many others caught up in its scope. The compliance focus and the associated costs are substantial, and at all levels the penalties for failure have become ever more significant.

PwC has an established global network of specialists working to combat financial crime in areas such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Fraud
  • Anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing and sanctions
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Market abuse

We work with you to provide innovative and advanced solutions for responding to Financial Crime incidents, remediating past deficiencies, developing enhanced operating models, and optimising transaction monitoring systems.


The insurance industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, new regulations, new technology, accelerating shifts in consumer demand and mounting competition from InsurTech players were challenging insurers.

We can help navigate this increasingly complex and uncertain business and geopolitical landscape. To make the most of these opportunities, we can help organisations look beyond the traditional boundaries of the insurance business to embrace new ways of working, new ways of interacting with customers, and whole new possibilities in what their business can deliver.

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