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Exploring new financial services horizons

The financial services industry continues to face uncertainty due to the continuous emergence of disruptive technologies that are reshaping the landscape of financial services in the region.

Identifying what the future holds and determining the necessary shift in strategic mindset and execution has proven to be a challenge.

How will banking evolve, and how will traditional banks rise to the challenge? What does the future hold for digital-only banks in the region? How will Fintechs and emerging technologies redefine the banking experience? Who will be the key players in the market in the future, and how will regulators adapt to create suitable laws and regulations?

We are asking these questions and analysing the industry's movements to understand their implications for you, in order to develop impactful and digitally-led solutions.

Horizons Podcast

Tune in to our podcast "Financial Services Horizons" for the latest insights on the topics shaping the financial services landscape in the Middle East.


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