Business model reinvention

Reinvent your business model and meet the future

No company’s future is guaranteed: half of all businesses that exist today won’t be around 10 or 15 years from now. History proves this to be true, and CEOs know it too.

In our 2024 Annual Middle East CEO Survey, 48% of Middle East CEOs (up from 35% in 2023) believe their company will not be viable in 10 years if it stays on its current path.

Today’s pace of change and the influence of converging megatrends – from technological disruption to climate change – mean that how businesses create, deliver, and capture value will need to fundamentally change too. The answer? A business model reinvention that keeps step with what customers want and need, or better still, invents the customer needs of the future.

Drive growth with PwC's framework for reinvention 

Wherever you are on your journey to innovation and growth, we are here to help. Using PwC’s business model reinvention framework, we collaborate closely with organisational leaders to map out a plan that drives towards value creation and growth. Our focus is to use our human-led, tech-powered capabilities to address opportunities to help your organisation reinvent your business model, radically transform how you create, deliver, and capture value. Stop dabbling and make reinvention real.

Business Model Reinvention
Business Model Reinvention

Zeroing in on the right reinvention

Innovative business models are emerging all the time, putting pressure on organisations to reinvent or risk irrelevance. These six business models are just some of the ways enterprises are reimagining themselves in response to disruption – from changing who they think of as “customers” to shifting their place in the value chain.

Our sector-led business model reinvention specialists help you evaluate and navigate these and other business models to safeguard your company’s future.

What is it? Transforming traditional products to an on-demand, subscription, or consumption-based service.

Example: Storage as a service

What is it? Physical products equipped with sensors that exchange data with other smart products or platforms.

Example: Diabetes care through wearables

What is it? Software-enabled assets that users can interact and transact with.

Example: Digital banks, eBooks

What is it? Platform for interactions and transactions between multiple stakeholders that collectively creates and shares value

Example: Cloud computing platform created by Amazon Web Services

What is it? Going direct to customers vs. going through third parties

Example: Embedding insurance in automobile purchase

What is it? Offering wide-ranging products and services for an all-encompassing customer journey, vs. a specific segment of the value chain.​

Example: Insurance expanding to caregiver space

How we can help

Whether you’re just starting out on your innovation journey or have already embarked on the road to reinvention, our industry-focused network and capabilities can help you get to value capture quicker.

The Transformation Agenda

Thought-provoking, actionable insights developed to help global leaders navigate their transformation journey.

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