PwC's Emerging Technology Middle East

New technologies are disrupting business as usual.

PwC's EmTech team is helping organisations build trust and deliver sustained outcomes by combining the best talent with the most innovative technologies. We work with the business to focus on our clients' problems first, then use BXT techniques and our knowledge of new and transformative technologies to develop human-centric solutions.

We work in an agile way to build prototypes using robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more to solve challenges across a variety of industries. When needed, we partner with local and global teams to deliver the best products at scale and at pace. See below for examples of projects we've delivered and get in touch to experience our work in-person at PwC's Experience Centre.

Our process

Innovation & Research

First, you have to dream it.

The Innovation & Research team works with the business to understand your problems and find the right solutions for you. We validate those planned solutions using rigorous research and our vast global network.


Next, you build the solution.

The Labs team of expert technologists focus on building prototypes customised to your use case. Through testing and iteration, we create something that works for you.

Centre of Excellence

Now, you have to scale it.

Our Centre of Excellence turns a prototype into a scaled-out solution ‒ one that can be trusted to work consistently and address edge cases ‒ delivering a sustained outcome and making a difference for your business.

Experience Labs

Finally, you can experience it.

Our Experience Labs or "xLabs" team ensures that the solution is human-centric. They are engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of the product's development to guarantee the solution is easy-to-use, appropriate and enjoyable.

Use cases

Education & Business Operations

In the post-COVID world, workers, learners and business teams can now meet and collaborate with each other in virtual spaces. We partner with XR companies to bring your search engine, your whiteboard and your colleagues from your computer screen into your room. No matter where in the world you're logging in from, remote team members can band together as avatars and interact with the same digital content in real-time.

Energy, Utilities, and Resources

Our agile mobile robot is able to navigate various terrains with impressive mobility, allowing businesses to automate routine inspections and capture data safely, accurately and frequently. It can perform fully autonomous programmable missions completely remotely and is already being used in industries such Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas, Health and more.

Banking and Capital Markets

An AI-driven text-transcription software uses object character recognition (OCR) to read handwritten and typed documents. It automates the entire data capturing process from end to end, turning unstructured data into structured data, and classifies and extracts data across complex, difficult-to-read documents, including handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails and more. In an internal use case, we improved error identification by 30% in a fraction of the time.

Transport and Logistics

The EmTech Lab developed a real-time traffic monitoring system that integrates computer vision and IoT to facilitate better decision making and encourage urban growth. The AI model not only detects vehicles, but also pedestrians, bikes and other objects. These objects can be mapped to a 2D grid and used to predict traffic conditions over time and inform authorities of traffic issues in real-time.


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