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The world around us is constantly changing. Simply watching is not an option for us. We are curious about the unknown. We have passion for change and stand for substantiated confidence in transformation. An essential part of our strategy is to move from being an integrated service provider to being an integrated service and product provider. That is why we systematically seek out opportunities in innovation and why we not only consistently take care of the digital upskilling of our employees but also build new ecosystems for a wide variety of partners. We optimise our structures and processes in order to be able to offer our customers existing products and services with the best conditions and also new products, services, and business models.

“We believe in open innovation: The aim is to examine every identifiable idea for its potential value to our customers. What comes from a small startup is taken just as seriously as what originates with one of the large strategic partners or with us in-house.”

Dr. Ulrich Störk,Spokesman of the Management Board of PwC Germany
Dr. Ulrich Störk

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stephen anderson

Stephen Anderson
Clients and Markets Leader, PwC Middle East

Steve Derz

Steve Derz
Head of Corporate M&A EMEA
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Acquisitions and minority shareholdings: two important pillars of our innovation agenda

At PwC Middle East, we pursue innovation as we are continuously looking for new ways to improve our quality, offerings, and services.

It’s not uncommon to see the best innovation emerge when joining forces to drive transformation forward. As a cornerstone of our long-term company strategy, the topic of innovation is valuable and fascinating. While we are driving it forward internally, we also get inspiration every day from what happens out there.

We remain open-minded to a wide range of investment opportunities and joint business activities. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, owner, founder, or family office looking to explore a full or partial sale of your business to a PwC member firm or looking for a strong and reliable cooperation partner for your transformation, we look forward to exploring and developing new opportunities with you.

“Our team assesses all investment opportunities of PwC member firms in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We lead the entire acquisitions process from first contact through to potential integration into PwC. We work across all PwC service areas and combine the experience of over 100 acquisition projects all across the PwC network. All for a better future together.”

Steve Derz,Head of Corporate M&A EMEA

Advantages of a future together

Get instant access to top clients and an international network of leading industry experts

As a strategic buyer, we offer sellers and shareholders of privately held businesses not only new career opportunities for their people, but also a global network and access to high-profile clients. It provides you with the chance to accelerate your growth by taking your company to the next level. Are you a founder, owner or managing director with the ambition to scale your business within the PwC network?

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Insights into the most vibrant businesses and teaming up with the leading decision makers and experts in the PwC network.

Are you a specialist in acquisitions and/or integrations and looking for a new challenge? As a strategic buyer, you will have great opportunities to apply and expand your knowledge around acquisitions and minority investments. Become part of the Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Team and be part of our transformation.

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Stephen Anderson

Stephen Anderson

Strategy Leader, PwC Middle East

Steve Derz

Steve Derz

Head of Corporate M&A EMEA, PwC Germany