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Who we are

PwC Middle East Entrepreneurial & Private Business is a dedicated platform targeted towards private businesses, families and entrepreneurs. Our role is to help you build and protect your business while providing you with sustainable growth for your business and your family.

We take the time to build relationships that are based on an understanding of our client’s unique circumstances as well as their business and family goals.

When big decisions or day to day challenges start to weigh on you and your business, we help you identify opportunities for your growth, assist you in managing the risk, advise you on the right finances to grow and create the value you are looking for.

Our team

Business owners face a unique set of opportunities and challenges, our dedicated Entrepreneurial & Private Business Team understands this. We’re part of a global network of advisors who are committed to driving your success. We’ll make a difference by connecting you to the right solutions that help you navigate the road ahead, build value in your business and achieve the return you’re looking for.

Our team have a deep understanding of the challenges and considerations that drive both your business and your family goals, which comes from years of experience working alongside owners and family members in the Middle East, hearing what matters to them.

Our team will tackle the three dimensions of Entrepreneurial & Private Business through


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Adnan Zaidi

Entrepreneurial & Private Business Leader, PwC Middle East

Tel: +971 4 304 3590

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