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Creating a future-ready workforce

The world of work is changing-fast.

The pressure to optimise costs and maximise productivity is always there. Today, it’s made more complicated by disruptive technology, the increasing complexity of geopolitics, the constant tests of risk and regulation, and the ongoing race to find and keep the right talent with the right skills. These forces are reshaping the workplace and introducing new challenges that impact your whole organisation.

Making sure your workforce is ready for these uncertain times is essential to building trust in the marketplace. PwC’s community of solvers combines the breadth of strategic knowledge and hands-on implementation experience to help your business - and your people - adjust to change and thrive in an unpredictable world.

Eyhab Abdeen

Eyhab Abdeen
Middle East People & Organisation Leader

We can help you transform your people and organisation, improve productivity and performance, and drive business growth through:

Workforce Strategy

Shaping the future workforce and enabling talent is a priority for all organisations across all sectors, where achieving the right formulation of sizing, capabilities, shape, cost, and distribution is critical for organisational results and the future.

Our workforce strategies take evidence-based insights yielded through strategic workforce planning and analysis to identify initiatives and activities aimed at mitigating a potential workforce risk, addressing a talent gap, or drive a workforce priority to secure a future-fit workforce.

Using our in house developed Talent Forecast Tool, we help you align business and talent strategy, model projected demand against talent supply, and create plans to lessen gaps under a continual improvement approach.

Workforce Capability

Upskilling and talent development for a future-proof workforce is more important than ever. 

Where having effective talent development programs in place is not a luxury, but rather a business imperative, establishing such programs is a multi-stage process that combines effective assessment techniques with the right frameworks and capabilities.

Our workforce development and capability assessment frameworks help determine current and future workforce capabilities the business needs, identify skills gaps and mismatches and workforce development opportunities and upskilling options. 

We help you create workforce and leadership competencies models, build and administer fit-for-purpose assessment centres and establish and implement talent and leadership development programs, in addition to workforce upskilling and reskilling programs. 

Learn more about our Workforce Upskilling models.

Workforce Experience & Performance

Attracting, engaging, unlocking talent potential and performance is not a coincidence, but a result of careful understanding, planning, and execution of well-thought strategy to create a seamless workforce experience. Shaping, delivering and sustaining such an experience is a result of finding the right balance between the organisational culture, strategy, and what attracts, motivates, and engages talent to drive the right behaviours and performance.

We help you shape your employer value proposition (EVP), improve employee experience (EX), and integrate these strategies with proven performance management frameworks that maximise the contribution of individuals and teams to the performance and culture of the organisation.

The strength of workforce experience & performance solutions is in our ability to integrate into a single solution that is backed-up by our access to global databases and benchmarking platforms in addition to methodologies and unique approaches.

Organisational Design

Organisational design should be approached in a holistic manner that extends beyond shaping organisational structures and defining roles and responsibilities. 

We understand that an effective organisational design consists of a group of interrelated elements that need to be integrated and aligned with organisational strategy and mandate to achieve the targeted objectives and drive the aspired results.

We help you reimagine your operating models, design your organisational structures and define your operational governance while embedding ESG principles and new ways of working to help you cope with the unprecedented times of organisational transition.

Rewards and Benefits

More than ever, organisations are being challenged to meet the talent demands to support their business growth. Investing in your employees is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain top talent.

We help you understand your people’s compensation and benefits needs; supporting you from the design to implementation of cost-efficient compensation and benefit plans, that are designed to support the attraction, engagement and retention of key talent, help drive individual and collective discretionary effort, and align reward, performance and business strategy.

Communication & Change Management

Change management is the process of planning and implementing approved changes in the workplace. In order to achieve a successful transformation, it's important to have an effective change framework and strategy that communicates to all employees how, when and why a new way of working has been adopted.

Our People-Centric Change approach is a unique and proven way to achieve your strategy by driving positive, sustainable change through your people.

We have a tailored approach for building internal change management capabilities within organisations – either as personal development or as permanent roles. We will co-create change strategies and plans to align, engage, enable and empower your people and reduce resistance to change.

  • Change framework & strategy

  • Communications vehicles

  • Knowledge transfer planning

  • Change capability & network

Culture Transformation

Culture is always at the core of any successful organisation. And while cultural alignment isn’t a quick fix, it is always worth the effort - especially when you consider the impact that aligned culture can have on strategy, growth and sustainability.

Our culture specialists will support you in your culture evolution efforts, by targeting the specific behavioural changes that have the potential to drive desired business outcomes, diagnosing the level of coherence between strategy, operating model and culture – and identifying key gaps.

Our world-recognised Katzenbach Center for Organisational Culture methodology can be used to both diagnose existing culture and unlock the enormous potential that the right culture can have across organisations.

People Analytics & Insights

By adopting a people analytics approach and harnessing the power of data, organisations can create a competitive advantage, maximise value creation for clients and societies, and develop a stronger workforce.

With our People Analytics capabilities, we can help you deliver data-driven insights and provide a scientific approach to forecasting and predicting people related scenarios to improve your decision-making. Accurately gauge where you are at and where you want to be by defining the current and target state across the various people analytics dimensions and in line with your strategic aspirations.

Learn more about our People Analytics & Insights capabilities.

HR Transformation & Technology

By aligning your Human Resources (HR) function to your organisation’s business strategy and updating your current HR technology, you get the best from your people and enhance employee experience and engagement.

Our HR Transformation capabilities offer smarter people strategies combined with emerging technologies and unique collaborative experiences to create a stronger workforce. 

Our services include the following:

  • HR Strategy Development

  • HR Operating Model 

  • HR Organisation Structure 

  • HR Technology - learn more

  • HR Operations & Processes

We have designed our own HR Maturity Assessment Tool (HRMA) which is a tech-based tool that provides definitions to assess an organisation’s HR function processes using a four-point maturity scale and along four dimensions – strategic alignment, program & process, technology, and people & culture.

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We see ourselves as your partners in this journey. We bring together the best people and technologies to help you navigate all types of workplace challenges and build trust in your market. Whether you’re shifting to a new operating model, helping your people become more skilled, differentiating capabilities, or making your organisation more dynamic, we help you create a sustainable culture of innovation, collaboration and performance.

Eyhab Abdeen

Eyhab Abdeen
Middle East People & Organisation Leader

Discover how our workforce planning and optimisation capabilities can revolutionise your organisation. 

With a strategically located regional center for workforce transformation, we have a proven track record in enhancing workforce efficiency across various government sectors. 

With subject matter experts that have substantial experience in delivering and leading impactful workforce planning projects throughout the region, we are at the forefront of our success. We go beyond traditional approaches by providing strategic insights that help rationalise wage bills, anticipate future skill requirements, and ensure optimal workforce planning.

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Eyhab Abdeen

Eyhab Abdeen

Middle East Workforce Partner, PwC Middle East

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