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Unlock the power of your people through data

We're witnessing unprecedented change to how organisations and people are being managed today. HR transformation has become inevitable and pivotal to enhancing productivity, engagement, mobility and the experience of your people. 

Building tomorrow’s HR function with a data-driven mindset does not only help develop a stronger and a more productive workforce but is also instrumental in helping organisations create a competitive advantage and maximise value creation for clients and societies.

Let the power of data-led insights transform the way you make decisions and harness the power of your people.

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With our People Analytics capabilities, we can help you deliver data-driven insights and provide a scientific approach to forecasting and predicting people related scenarios to improve your decision-making.

Assessment & strategy

People Analytics Strategy

Develop People Analytics strategic objectives in line with the HR and wider organisational strategies, define a strategic roadmap and KPIs for People Analytics, and design an operating model for the People Analytics function to allow you to deliver on your aspirations.

People Analytics Maturity Assessment

Leverage a comprehensive diagnostic framework to define the maturity of the People Analytics practice within your organisation. The maturity assessment considers different elements such as People Analytics strategy, technology and infrastructure, people and culture, and data availability and governance.

Training & upskilling

People Analytics Training & Upskilling Programme

A 2-3 day training and upskilling course that focuses on People Analytics while introducing your employees to the key functional programming, statistical, and visualisation tools as well as data management, cleansing and manipulation to derive and report strategic HR insights.

Capability Assessment Analytics

Identify the core competencies you need for your business and compare them to your existing people capabilities to define gaps at organisational, grade, job family or role level. The analytics can then enable recruitment, succession, upskilling programmes as well as inform other strategic decisions.

L&D Personalisation

Analyse employee preferences, career aspirations and career path requirements to generate personalised L&D plans while leveraging Learning Experience Platforms (LXP).

Performance, rewards and productivity

Employee Productivity Analytics

Define how operationally efficient people are within your organisation by analysing their capacity to work and their utilisation in order to define how your employees are spending their time, what workload they have, and what you can do to improve your workforce mix and distribution.

Employee Performance Analytics

Analyse individual employee performance using multiple data points to identify top talent. Use available data to employ predictive analytics and define future performers that could be put on special leadership programmes.

Rewards Personalisation & Optimisation

Personalise and optimise reward options using real time preference analytics to precisely quantify employee preferences and perceived value of every aspect of your reward offering to increase employee motivation and enhance their overall experience and journey.

Workforce optimisation

Employee Churn Analytics (Flight Risk Analytics)

Assess your employee turnover rates using multiple data points in order to predict future risk of flight and reduce employee churn in order to inform your HR strategies, increase top talent retention, and save operational costs.

Recruitment Channel Analytics

Define where your best employees come from and what recruitment channels are most effective based on historical records and considering key metrics such as Return per Employee.

Employee Profiling

Identify who the top performers are within your organisation and what their key attributes are. Build different personas that can be used as a benchmark to enable effective recruitment and upskilling efforts.

Predictive Workforce Analytics

Understand historical demand drivers by leveraging data to predict workload and enable workforce planning, mobility and distribution exercises.

Engagement & culture

Organisational Network Analytics

Uncover unseen relationships and informal organisational connectivities between employees to allow leaders to increase performance, productivity, learning and innovation.

Employee Pulse

Capture people's concerns and define what is happening with them right now. Designed to be frequent, easy and action-oriented to help drive employee experience improvements and shape your people strategy.

Employee Engagement

Assess your employees' engagement, satisfaction and other behavioral indices and maintain a real-time connection with them to allow you to take action and address potential problems before they arise.

The power of data: Leveraging People Analytics to enhance top talent retention at government institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

People Analytics in general – and Predictive and Prescriptive People Analytics specifically – can give government organisations an edge for developing a stronger and a more productive national workforce. Find out what are the key barriers for embedding People Analytics and how to mitigate them as well as what are the key considerations that government institutions need to keep in mind before embarking on their People Analytics journeys. 

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